April 2021 Ideas Review





Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and highlights the statuses we’ve updated in the past 30 days.


Below you can find the statuses changed last month. For more information read: Idea Exchange Guidelines: How does my feedback reach Spotify?




1. [Mobile] Listening History On Mobile

Happy to confirm you should now have the option to access your listening history on mobile too.

Take a look here if you'd like to know more.


2. [All Platforms] Mono option for hearing impaired

Writing to share some great news and confirm this feature should now be available!


3. Spotify Video on Apple TV

Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.

We're happy to announce that podcast video is now available on Apple TV.


4. [FireTV] Podcasts Video on Amazon Firestick and FireTV devices

We're happy to announce that Podcast video playback is now available on FireTV devices. There's some more info here.


5. [XBOX ONE][Podcasts] Video for Podcasts on XBOX ONE

We appreciate your patience and we're happy to announce that podcast video is now available on Xbox. 

Happy watching and listening!





6. [Desktop] Full Discography Reinstatement

7. [Desktop] Please bring back "Discovered by...." playlist list when looking at artist profiles.




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spotify is a social platform, and as such it is simply irresponsible that there is no "block user" feature.

Rock Star 16
Rock Star 16

Awesome @Xenia! 🙂 Glad to see these great ideas making it to the app!


Thanks for sharing! Please do take out a minute to check this amazing curation of the best Pakistani mystical sufi music out there. Follow the playlist to keep up with the weekly additions!




please add a “block user” feature for the safety of your users.




I'm agreed with the user Kxtiene That Spotify must add the Block user feature it is the need of time. AutomaticChina

Music Fan

Maybe a yearly reward so it keeps people on Spotify and attracts more people 

As addition to my idea. Maybe having every year give higher value rewards 


please how do i undo the new desktop update i genuinely cant stand it 😐 i cannot stand to use spotify on desktop anymore, **bleep** on earth

Music Fan

How about protecting your users privacy and allowing them to block and remove followers. Your “service” has enabled violent predators and stalkers for over 10 years now. There are requests in the forums dating back ten years. 10 YEARS! 

And despite having a restraining order myself, your company has done NOTHING. You collect countless dollars daily. Don’t you think it’s time you actually start listening and caring about your users privacy and safety? 

oh by the way, stalking and harassment are still illegal in all 50 states, in case you forgot. 


You still haven't brought back the liked songs by artist??


Since the last update it's been one of the things that people are asking for, and you are still not listening to your customers. 

So sad, might as well cancel the subscription 

Casual Listener

Who is planning your sprints?


Out of all these complaints and asks (https://community.spotify.com/t5/Community-Blog/The-New-Desktop-App/bc-p/5200120#M20073) you're "CONSIDERING" only one of them?