April 6, 2018 : new albums worth a listen

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April 2018 - New Album Releases


New Music Friday : April 6, 2018

Sex & Food The Deconstruction
Origin : Auckland, New Zealand Origin : Los Feliz, California, USA
Genre : Psychedelic Rock, Experimental Genre : Indie Rock

==> Fourth studio album, released through label Jagjaguwar, by the New Zealand / American band formed in 2010 by singer, guitarist, and songwriter Ruban Nielson, and bassist Jake Portrait. Sex & Food features a more expansive and eclectic sound than previous records.

==> Twelfth studio album, and the first in almost 4 years, by the Californian band formed in 1995 by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Oliver Everett, known by the stage name E, only official member for most of the band's work.
Bark Your Head Off, Dog The Louder I Call, the Faster it Runs
Origin : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Origin : Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Genre : Indie Folk Rock Genre : Indie Rock / Indie Folk

==> Fourth studio album by the American band started in 2004 as a Freak Folk band formerly known as Hop Along, Queen Ansleis.

==> Fifth studio album by the American duo formed in 2006 and composed of Andy Stack (drums, keyboards, backup vocals) and Jenn Wasner (vocals, guitars and bass).
Goat Girl I Don't Run
Origin : South London, England Origin : Madrid, Spain
Genre : Indie Rock Genre : Indie Rock, Garage Rock

==> Fresh and energetic debut album by the British female four-piece signed to Rough Trade Records and part of the movement of young bands surfacing and born in venues like The Windmil and the pubs and community spaces of Peckham and Brixton.

==> Second studio album by the Spanish female four-piece band born as a duo in 2011. Originally named Deer, they had to change their name after been threatened of legal action by the similarly named band The Dears. They took Hinds (female deer).
On Hold 12
Origin : Bristol, England Origin : Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Genre : Indie Folk Pop Genre : Alternative Rock, Power Pop

==> Brilliant and delicate debut album by the young British singer-songwriter describing herself as : "My music comes from anger, but I can't sing angrily, so I sing sadly. It's a sadness that's fueled by fury." (from Spotify Bio)

==> Twelfth studio album by the Canadian band formed in 1991 and composed of the same line-up since the beginning. It's the band's first record to be divided up equally among the four members since 1999’s Between The Bridges, meaning that each of the four members will contribute and sing three songs.
Visitors Awake
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA Origin : Sydney, Australia
Genre : Psychedelic Rock Genre : Electro Pop, Chillwave

==> Sixth studio album, released through the French label 'Requiem Pour Un Twister', by the American band formed in 2010. "The music of Triptides is fueled by the mind-bending inspiration and wide-ranging creative talents of Glenn Brigman (vocals and guitar), Josh Menashe (guitar and vocals), Dylan Sizemore (bass guitar) and Shaugnessy Starr (drums)." (from Facebook bio)

==> Second studio album by Alexandra Sholler, Australian musician, electronic dance music DJ, producer and singer. She is active since 2008 and performs as Alison Wonderland.

Thanks, great list as usual. The New Wye Oak is fantastic!


Also recommend the 'Blackout Summer' by Dusted


Great list, I’ll have to give these a listen!