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Artists Wanted Edition No 6 - The WINNER!

Artists Wanted Edition No 6 - The WINNER!

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The voting for the sixth edition of Artists Wanted - Share your talent with the Community, has now ended, and we have a winner!


First, the Community Music Chat Team would love to give a sincere thanks to all of the 11 artists who submitted their song to the contest.


A big thank you to:
@robbyvalderrama@PaulLMusic, @user-removed, @laurentdemusic@AbandonedHeart, @Barrelly_Ego@JoergGalilee, @Shereemusic@Vanoshka@Odysious and @Kent_Forward!


You'll find their submissions in this post.


For the final Community-wide voting the Community Music Team picked out three songs, and the details on how the votes ended up looking like can be seen below:




Now with the votes counted and results concluded, the Community Music Team is most pleased to announce the winner of the 6th Edition of Artists Wanted - Share Your Talent with the Community.


Congratulations to Vanoshka F, winning with their song "Verschollen" !



The Argentinian singer-songwriter's heartwarming blend of poetic indie jazz fusion is memorable, cozy and a perfect winning song. There will be an interview with our winner coming up soon!


Once more, thank you for participating in the 6th edition of our Community project! Emerging artists of the Community, make sure to stay tuned for the 7th edition of Artists Wanted - Share Your Talent with the Community!


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Music Fan

Well this was fun. Congrats to the winner and thanks everybody! See you next time. Cheers! Peace and love!


Thank you so much!! 😃🙏 I cannot deny my joy and surprise…

To the Community Music Team for giving me such an amazing chance between the three selected songs, and also thanks and congrats to the other contestants in this 6th Edition of the Artists Wanted contest who allowed me to discover incredibly good and varied music (I already started to follow some of you). But most of all, thank you for the friendly and inspiring spirit cultivated by mods, fellow artists and listeners! ❣️


Thank you so much for adding my song.


Congratulations to the winner and wish all artists the best with their music success!


Much love,



That was a lot of fun, thank you and congratulations to Vanoshka F.  Nice tune,

Bruce A. Barrett

Casual Listener

Congratulations to the winner

Casual Listener