Backstage Intro: Meet Claudia!

Backstage Intro: Meet Claudia!

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Hey there, @Sebasty (Rock Star)! Tell us something about yourself.

I’m an avid music listener from Estonia, which lies in Northern Europe. Besides listening to music, I really enjoy drawing and painting. My favourite mediums are graphite, watercolours and oil colours. I also do craftings, such as sewing and beading. Whatever keeps me interested, really! I am also curious on computers and how spotifyspotifythey work... 😉

I grew up in the wild, and I'm currently living in the countryside; but that doesn’t mean I'm not in for some excellent (bass-heavy) music to get down to!

Do you prefer listening to songs in your own language or in another language? Why?

There are a few songs in my language that I like to listen to, but the majority of what I listen to tends to be instrumental or with samples that speak a foreign language.
Most of my favourite artists are in a foreign language.


If you could be part of any band/group for a day who would that be and why?

Oh, that would be the live crew for ISAM show (Amon Tobin). The technology behind it is wicked (seriously, live-mapping animations to a wall of 3D cubicles!), and Amon is a wise man with a very soft voice. It would be cool to chat with him. 


Is there a playlist that you’re proud of which you’d like to share with us? What was the inspiration behind this?

I actually have very few playlists. A couple of main ones and a handful of sidekicks. But one that I’ve constantly built and updated is a playlist consisting of any song Amon Tobin has played in his sets. Every song's recognised. 😄


Thanks for taking your time to chat with us. Before we go, what joke always makes you laugh?

Currently, I remember only all those very inappropriate ones (thanks, Dad)... So instead I’ll give this interesting story I saw on Youtube.
The commenter had a neighbour, an old lady who had two parrots. That’s the comment:

“Years ago I had an elderly neighbour who had 2 parrots she'd had over 50 years in Florida. She let them loose and they flew around outside and never left. They were  "Florita" and "Rebecca ". Don't know what kind they were, but one had red feathers under its wings and she'd say: "Florita, show us your red underwear" and it would lift up its wings and say "O, you naughty girl!"


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@Sebasty pleasure to meet you for real!