Backstage Intro: Meet Emilia

Community Legend



It is our great joy to present to you one of the most active new Rock Stars in the Community. Her name is Emilia ( @Emilia_8 ) and she has been super helpful to a lot of users that had all kinds of different questions. So, now that we have the chance, let’s get to know Emilia better.


Hi Emilia! First thing's first - where are you from?
I’m from Poland, but in the future I hope I'll be able to travel around the world, get to know different cultures and possibly even move to another country.


I’m really curious - how did you learn about Spotify?

Since other methods of listening to music weren't really that efficient for me, for example CDs that I could only listen to at home, I decided to check out streaming. 

That's how I came across Spotify and I have not looked back since! That's what works best for me.


And another burning question - how did you decide to join the Rock Star Program and participate in so many Help Boards?

I joined the Community to find a solution to an issue I had back then. I was really impressed with how users were engaging to help each other. So even though my issue was resolved, I decided to stay and help others too. And now I'm part of the Rock Star Program! 


When you’re not solving issues in the Community, where could we find you?

I'm probably studying or hanging out with friends.

Most likely with music in the background.


You seem to know quite a lot about the app. Do you have a favourite feature and if so, why?

I can say without any hesitation that it's the Daily Mix feature. When I'm not sure what to listen to or I'm in a hurry, I just go to one of my Mixes and I can be sure that I'll enjoy the music and even discover new songs that are within my taste.


What’s your favourite music genre? Can you give us a song example?

And here's the difficult question Petya_0-1578649780497.png It's hard to tell, since I have pretty diverse music taste. I can go from Rock to Electronic, so here some examples of what I enjoy: 










Say, if you ended up on a deserted island, what would be the one item you couldn’t do without?

Can I say a boat or is it considered cheating? 

That's a practical way of thinking! Props to you 🙂 Thanks for sparing some time to answer our questions. We’re truly excited to have you on board and see more helpful posts from your side. Keep rocking!