Backstage Intro - Meet Geovane!

Backstage Intro - Meet Geovane!




Howdy folks! 


We are happy to share that our team of Spotify Stars has recently grown bigger! Let's hear it for Geovane Bento aka @geovanebento, whom you might have already seen around in the Community, sharing music and helping users!


Welcome Geovane, we're glad to have you on board! Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Thanks! I am a Phonographic Strategist, Artistic Consultant, Master Publicist, Speaker, A&R at Lep Produções and Artistic Director of the biggest festival for independent artists in Brazil, the Festival Brasil de Todos os Ritmos.



I have over 25 years of experience and have organized shows for independent artists in the 26 states of Brazil, as well as helped them get on the radio or on TV. I have already provided services to large companies in the phonographic industry such as record companies, entrepreneurs, offices, agencies of artistic representation, concert halls and city halls. In these more than 25 years, more than 11 million people circulated in the events under my coordination, such as shows, fairs, festivals and agricultural exhibitions.


Wow that's quite the resume! I think it's fair to say you love music. What's an artist / album / track that you've recently discovered and you can't stop listening to?

I recently discovered this artist called Cassiano Andrade, an amazing singer and songwriter who makes MBP (Brazilian Popular Music).

Is there a piece of music that you associate with a particular fond memory?

I'd say Era uma Vez by Kell Smith always puts me in a special mood. It's a beautiful song that makes me reflect on life.


Your current top artists from 3 different genres you jam to, go!


I adore the singer Luan Santana from the sertanejo niche. His songs are always very well arranged and are packed with beautiful melodies that get stuck into your head. Next Anitta from the Funk Brasil niche, mainly due to the fact that she understood that music is not only art but also business. The most recent one is the aforementioned Cassiano Andrade from the MPB niche for his engaging lyrics. Unfortunately here in Brazil it's common for the popular artists to release music just for the sake of it, without putting in much effort. This makes Cassiano stand out as he is very focused on composing actual hits, with beautiful music and meaningful lyrics.


Aside from organizing shows yourself, do you enjoy going to shows? What's the latest concert / show you went to?


Of course! The last show I watched in person was by Cassiano Andrade. He has a very good energy and an impeccable stage performance. He manages to make the audience interact and this connection is fundamental between artist and audience.  I still have many other events attend cause of my job. I feel privileged to be able to experience the 360° of music, haha!


Haha, awesome! Okay, now that streaming has become arguably the most popular form of listening to music for its convenience and availability, do you (or would you) still buy physical music copies, such as CDs, tapes and vinyl?


I don't listen to physical disks anymore. Even working with music for over 25 years and I've experienced many formats of listening to music. But I am a person who adapts to the new and today I feel good listening to music on Spotify.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?


After a long day's work, I look forward to spending time with my family. Our hobby is going out for a walk, especially to the beach. 


Do you like traveling? What's the last country you went to? Are there any countries that you haven't visited yet and you'd like to visit?


I love the United States, France and Egypt, but I haven't traveled to these places yet, but I will soon, they are already on my schedule.


How do you stay motivated? What inspires you to keep going when things get tough?


I prefer to focus on the good things. Often what I do at work helps me clear my head. That and the support of my family, of course.


Thank you Geovane for bringing us into your world‌!




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Cheers everyone!