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We're here with the newest addition to our recurring Backstage Intro, where you can find out more about the awesome people helping out here in the Community. This April, we're excited to introduce to you @OneByBoo ! 



Hi Guy, tell us more about yourself!

So, my name is Guy and I'm 30 years old from Tel-Aviv, IL. I work for an international advertising, promotion and production company.
I'm a vinyl collector and a big fan of festivals and concerts (I've been to over 300 concerts in my lifetime, festivals not included)!
I also DJ from time to time - I'm really into Old Disco, Groove, as well as Funk and Deep House on the more electronic side of music.
I traveled around the world a lot, mostly in my young 20's: most of Europe, Canada, India and more! The most recent country I visited is Japan.


That's very impressive! What are your favorite 5 vinyl records that you have in your collection?

Feist - Monarch (1999),

Destroyer - Kaputt (2011),

Neil Young - Harvest (1972),

Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise (2011),

Whitney Houston - Whitney (1987).


You mentioned you've been to a lot of concerts, have you been to any where you could listen live these tracks from the artists?

Yeah, I saw all of them except Whitney of course.


If you could pick any album as soundtrack of your life, which one would you pick?

Wow that's a hard decision to make! I'd pick this one:


Neil Young is my favorite artist of all times. This album is my 100% love for his music and I believe it's his best album ever created.

Your Community handle is @OneByBoo, how did you choose it?

My Community username was created a long time ago when I wanted to have a Spotify account full of playlists dedicated to my partner in life (my boo 😊). I had some longer ones and eventually it became OneByBoo.

You've mentioned that you started using Spotify since 2018. What's your favorite in-app feature?

I enjoy putting my fate in the playback/Crossfade feature.


What's your favorite playlist on Spotify?



If you could interview any artist, who would you choose and what would be your first question?

I'd ask Daft Punk if they're planning on a future live show or is that it for them.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Before we go, what's an item you'd want with you in a desert island?

I'll take earphones so even if I won't have a way to play music, I can imagine I am 🙂 



You can also find @OneByBoo on Spotify:




Thanks for sticking around! Stay tuned for the next Backstage Intro coming soon.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

What's your favourite music festival you've attended @OneByBoo ?

Rock Star 17
Rock Star 17
Hi 🙂 Well, I went to Osheaga Festival in Montreal back in 2013. One of the best line ups and festival experience i've had !

Hi @OneByBoo, great interview and nicely written @Katerina 💞


I also love listening to vinyls, but only have a very small collection. How many do you have?

Rock Star 17
Rock Star 17

Hi @Xenia,

Thanks 🙂


Well, i have somewhere around 500 vinyls i guess.

Just sold an old CD collection of over 400 CD's...




Wow 😮 that's an impressive collection! Wish I had that many.

Although, I think I would be overwhelmed by the choices and end up not being able to pick one to listen to 😂

Rock Star 17
Rock Star 17

You're so right !


What i did is to create a small "Zen" area with like my top 150 vinyls so i can easily pick and stored the rest in another room.


Then, whenever i get new ones, i put them in the bottom right corner and select which ones to keep in the main library:)