Backstage Intro: Meet Jacob

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Hello everyone!


It's time for a new Backstage Intro again, this time we're getting to know one of our amazing stars, @Jacob, better!


Hey Jacob! Where are you from?
This is a very complicated question, haha. I am American, I've lived in Washington state, Colorado, and North Carolina, but my family has lived in Germany for about 7 years now! I lived there with them for 4 years. Now I'm in Nashville, Tennessee for college.



Do you have any hobbies?
I'm currently studying Audio Engineering Technology with a minor in Computer Science. I'm taking my Audio major because I love running live sound for concerts, musicals, etc. and I use my computer science knowledge a fair amount in my free time. I also really enjoy riding my bicycle around town and doing some rock climbing! 


What year did you start using Spotify?

I think it was probably around 2011, I remember one of my friends (way back in middle school!) showed it to me and I was hooked.


What's your Spotify playlist of choice?

I'm a big fan of folk-pop style music. I think one of my favorite Spotify playlists would have to be Roots Rising:


(Check out Olalla by Blanco White on that playlist, one of my all time favorite songs!)

What's your favorite in-app feature?

Definitely Discover Weekly. I've found so many now-favorite artists and songs through that feature over the years. It always knows exactly what I want to hear!

If you could have any super power you want, which one would it be and why?
I think the ability to manipulate time would be fantastic. I would be able to listen to all the music I want, and waste time with no consequences, and get all my homework done early... It really would be great!


Thank you for your time Jacob! 


Have a great day everyone.

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Don't ever give up on the pasión you have for live sound and the mix. From the initial words expressed the world is yours to spin. Time and manipulation of it rides shotgun to the mix. Wish you all the best!

Rock Star 18
Rock Star 18

Oh my god, audio engineering technology. Something I would love to study as well :'D Maybe someday I feel free to have myself go that tangent (once I have money for that and I don't end up spending it on Buchla music easel).


A bit of similarities between us tho, bikeriding especially.