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Hey guys,


This month we’re introducing someone who you know by name, and from his ongoing contributions to the Community as one of the Moderators.

It’s Peter’s spotlight moment! 



Hey Peter! How would you introduce yourself in 3 sentences? 🙂 


I'm 26 years old and a Bulgarian national, but I spent my formative years in the UK. I've been back in Bulgaria for a couple of years now. I joined the Community Moderator team in August, 2018.


What is the number one thing your time as a Community Moderator has taught you?


Many things, but I would say the main one is that it taught me about an entire industry which I didn't even know existed before becoming a Community Moderator. 


Wait, there are other communities like ours out there?


Totally! There are now many professionals out there whose job it is to develop thriving online communities and who see and understand their potential to bring together like-minded people who help each other and embody the values of the brand.


Cool! How did you learn about the Spotify app, and when did you start using it?  


I remember I first started using Spotify at the end of 2012. I can't remember how I learned about it exactly, but it was already becoming a popular way of listening to music. I used the free desktop version, and a few years passed before I signed up for Premium Student in my second year of uni. Though I’m no longer a student, I haven't looked back since.


What’s a playlist you can’t do without? 


I love it when Friday comes round and I see all the new releases featured in New Music Friday. Other than that, I wouldn't say I have one regular go-to playlist, since what I listen to one week can change drastically the following week. 


Do you have a way of keeping track of what you listen to?


Well, I've started adding songs to my Liked Songs playlist throughout the course of a week, and then at the end of that week I'll make a playlist from that selection, remove all songs in my Liked Songs and start over. So far it's working great 🙂


What’s your current favourite song?


I honestly have no idea - I remember iTunes used to have a counter for the number of plays per song and you could see what's your most played song. If the first song in my On Repeat playlist is indicative of anything, it would be Better Now by Oh Wonder - one of my all-time favourite bands who I hope to see live again in the not-so-distant future 🙂




Out of curiosity, what does your ideal weekend look like?


Weekends are a sacred time for me. I do keep myself busy, running various errands that I haven't had time to do during the working week, but I also make sure to carve out enough time for myself to rest and replenish. 


How do you manage that?


Waking up without an alarm and treating myself to a nice breakfast and coffee somewhere in town are weekend staples. I've recently instated a screen-free period of a couple of hours, where I switch off all my devices and do something at home that doesn't require looking at a screen. 


Like a digital detox? And no Spotify? 😞


Yeah, I know, it’s tough initially, but I find it allows me to stop scrolling impulsively and instead find other constructive things to do like reading or writing. It feels great to be able to disconnect even if only for a few hours a week. You should try it!


Before we wrap up, if you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only have one item, what would it be?


A limitless supply of paper and ink for a fountain pen. I love capturing my thoughts and experiences in writing, and I think without it I would go crazy, especially if stranded indefinitely on a remote island all on my own.


Here’s a sneak peek from one of Peter’s favourite playlists:




Thanks for your time @Peter and for sharing a bit of your world with us!

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Hey @Peter 


Nice to "meet" you!


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This is great @Petya! Nice to meet ya Peter 🙂

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