Backstage Intro: Meet Robin






Speaking of Backstage Intros, I’m happy to be here today introducing one of the people whose action and overall support for the Community are crucial despite taking place almost exclusively “backstage”.


Talking about our QA expert, Robin.



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Hey man, hope all is good with you. I’d like to start by asking, how would you introduce yourself?


Hey Mario! I’m always having trouble describing myself, but to start off I’m born in Sweden and moved to Bulgaria in November 2015. I like music (and podcasts), sports, and all kinds of science. While I also take an interest in, without necessarily taking a liking to, all sorts of people and behaviors.


As you mentioned most of my interactions with the Community are kind of invisible - besides helping our Mods be the best they can, I mostly use the Community as a source of information. I love that you can have a super-specific Spotify set-up and still find great troubleshooting steps, often provided by one of our awesome Stars!


Is there any artist, song, or sound that you find particularly inspiring lately?


MF Doom. I’m planning on removing any distractions for an hour to listen through Madvillainy. 




Let's say you’re somewhere alone, you suddenly feel like wearing your headphones and listening to new music. What’s the first place in Spotify you’d go to discover some?


My Discover Weekly has recently given me a lot of nice music, so I think that’s where I’d go.


If there’s any gig(s) you’d consider your favorite, what would the reasons be?


“Back to the Unity” here in Bulgaria. All the best rappers/MC’s in Bulgaria gathered in one place, with a great crowd to support them!


Last question. If you ended up on a desert island with only one item, what would that be?


A fishing net 🙂


To conclude this conversation, I wish to say: thank you so much Robin for sharing this and being a genuinely good, reliable person inside and outside the work environment.


That’s all from us and this Backstage Intro. Thank you for reading 🙂


In the meanwhile, if you're a Star wanting an introduction, feel free to reach out to one of the Mods and let us know. We’re excited to find out more about and get to know you more!



"A fishing net" - pragmatic as ever, Robin 😉


Great stuff @Mario!


This is nice, thanks!


Some spotify ad feedback: the self indulgent woman doing the spotify ads is a bit much. Are these ads driving anyone else crazy?