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Backstage Intro: Meet Tom




Once every so often, we feature one of our awesome superusers (called Rock Stars) in our Community Blog. To find out more about the Rock Star Program, click here. 


On this edition of Backstage Intro, we've invited @Tom (also called Tom in real life), a returning member of the Rock Star Program whom we're glad to have back after taking a short break from the Community. He talks to us about his love of TikTok, his (record-breaking) adventures in a hot air balloon, and he manages to earn himself some brownie points for telling us why he thinks Spotify is better than Apple Music. Enjoy!


Where are you from?
Bristol, United Kingdom


What’s a cool venue to see live music in Bristol?

Well, we’ve got the O2 here which is super cool and has hosted some pretty awesome artists. Unfortunately I've not had the chance to go, I've always been too late to get tickets for the artists I like! The ones I really wanted to see were Sigala, Dave, Rita Ora and Tom Walker. And the Thekla is awesome too - it's in Bristol harbour and is an old German vessel!



What’s something you get up to in your spare time?

I’m training to fly hot air balloons! I’ve traveled to lots of places flying hot air balloons, such as crossing the English Channel in a world record attempt (which we got!), I’ve traveled across the UK and soon my goal is to go to America for the world’s largest hot air balloon fiesta - you can catch me at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta every year (well, apart from this year probably!).


What year did you start using Spotify?

Probably around 4 years ago [2016] - then I had a little break to Apple Music - I'm sorry! But then came back because obviously Spotify is better!


Time to redeem yourself: Why is Spotify better than Apple Music?

Haha, you put me on the spot! It’s actually a really easy answer. Firstly, the UI of Spotify is just so much better, it’s so easy to use and find music. And most importantly the Daily Mixes - I missed them so so much! I’ve been able to discover awesome new music and artists. I also love the way Spotify playlists work, such as the ability to view other people’s playlists, it is just so much easier in Spotify.




What's your Spotify playlist of choice?
I seem to be switching it up all the time lately! I love my Daily Mixes and Discover Weekly, but I'm a bit TikTok obsessed right now, so I love the TikTok songs playlist!


Which of the songs in that playlist would you make a TikTok dance for?

Hmmm, whilst you’re never going to see me do a TikTok dance, Savage is the go-to one for me here. Or something that is super relevant right now [because of the lockdown], Bored In The House! Another one is Pour the Milk, potentially the weirdest song I’ve heard but it’s so catchy and I’ve seen some pretty cool dances using this one!


Finally, which one item would you bring with you on a desert island and why?

Some people may go for really clever ideas for survival, but it has to be my phone for me, this way I can enjoy all my downloaded music on Spotify and enjoy the tunes!


Nice one! Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself to the Community, Tom 💚




You can check out the Community Blog for previous editions of Backstage Intro, along with other regular features from the Community Rock Stars and Moderators.


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