Backstage Intro - Meet Vasil

Backstage Intro - Meet Vasil






Hey folks!


Another announcement for a newcomer in the lines of our team! Some of you might have already noticed @Vasil , who is here to support and share his helpful experience with the Community. We shot him with 10 quick questions, so we get to know him a bit better! Enjoy his authentic responses below  🤠

274841406_1378656799254075_1570699469143500702_n.pngCan you describe yourself briefly and share some piece of background info with us? Like who is Vasil in a couple of words/sentences?
A God. Kidding 😄
2. Do you have any pets and hobbies? We heard you're a crafty person who likes fighting too, what's up with that?
I love pets! I have none at the moment because of the "no hairs in the apartment" policy, but maybe one day I will 😄
Used to have fish though. Until somebody - not me - overfed them because there was not gonna be anyone home... sigh!
Many hobbies, little time.
And boxing, yes! 😄
3. To get a sample of your musical taste, can you share your top 3 artists/bands (or their albums) with us and also what was the last live act/concert you've attended?
I attended a live local rap battle recently and was left thrilled.
It's almost like in the movies.
60+ participants of varying skill, a lot of dissing, many laughs and overall a great experience.
Would definitely go again.

And for my music taste... let's see 😄 
Bad Wolves
Because of their former lead singer, not the "bad" Wolves themselves.
Tommy Vext is an amazing human being and makes awesome music.
Hopsin - one of my favorite rappers. Listing Eminem would be way too generic. He does deserve it though.
LP (Linkin Park)
I grew up with them, first favorite band, love listening to them any day.
Also massive respect for Chester. The world definitely misses him.
4. Do you listen to podcasts? What's your favorite podcast?
Joe Rogan 😄 Light the fires 🤣

As well as some local podcasters not on Spotify.

And Russel Brand, although I do have a rather mixed opinion about him.
5. What artist/band/thing is your guilty pleasure?
Not a safe question 😼
6. What's your favorite thing you own and why?
My car. It's my baby and my escape from this world.
7. What do you pretend to hate but actually love?
Ariana Grande 😂
8. What fashion/musical trend do you regret?
9. What would the title of your autobiography be?
The Bulgarian Lion
10. Thank you for sharing all this personal stuff with us here in the Community! Any last words before we let you go do your thing?
I thank the Community for having me 😄

And that's about it, folks! If you have any questions for Vasil, you can take advantage of the comments section below.