Beta testing new Your Music features

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Good news!


Everyone who signed up on April 2nd or April 3rd (as announced here), to test Your music features, has now been given access. Your Music should be enabled for your Spotify account and you have access o our beta forum.


You should see Your Music show up on your different devices and desktop, sometimes after logging out and back in again.


Some folks still have some trouble entering the right info in the form, and may have been missed. If you signed up and don't see the Beta teser forum in the community (make sure you're logged in, in the community, first!) please reply here and I'll see what I can do for you.


If you were too late to sign up, there's no need to reply here. The best thing to do is make sure you go to the beta testing post and subscribe to it. That way you will be informed when we post an update.

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Thank you! Its a pleasure to be in the beta group :)

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So excited to get rid of all my albums that are saved to playlists as a makeshift solution. 

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Got it, thanks.


Now initial feedback. First of all, why on earth there is no "add to collection" or something like that in the context menu (the one you see after right clicking on a song / songs)!? You can't simply select all songs and add them to Your Music, you have to click "+" for every song in playlists (around 2 thousands in my case) to add them into collection. This is really annoying, you have to fix this quickly.


Second thing - why you can't add local files to collection? I wanted to finally have an easy way to play all my music (downloaded from Spotify and synced from a PC, beacuse unfortunately your service lacks quite a few songs in my country) on my iPod but because there is no way to add local files here I still have to use manually created playlist with all my music ...

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Hi @revanmj .


You can add tracks from playlists by selecting them and dropping onto Songs. Don't drag more than 500 at a time though or it may break (there's a bug).


Local files may be included in the future but, for now, playlists still have a place for storing local file albums until they fix this,


Your music is a mistake this way. It would be much better if Songs and Albums are not connected. Example: if I'd like to add a song to Songs (the way I used to add a song to my favourites), the album it is on also shows up in albums. Even worse, if I add an album to Albums, all these songs show up in Songs too. How am I to find my favourite songs within Songs?


This all wouldn'r really matter if I could just Star a song like I was used to do. However, this function has been deleted, so now I have to use the difficult way of adding a particular song to my favourites playlist. An big annoyance.


Furthermore, if I do want to add an album to Albums and want to have this song offline, I still have to click (on iOS) a lot of times. Please look at the way Deezer and Beats Music have implemented this. Just one click and the album is put into Albums and downloaded at the same time.

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^^ I agree with the above post. If I chose to save an album then it should be placed on the album and if I like a song it should be placed on the song, not really that if I save a song it will also save the corresponding album that is connected to it. 


Basically Album and Songs and Artists must be different entities not all-in-one. I found this feature to make more sense way back when using Deezer. 

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The main feedback topic, which the spotify guys are keeping an eye on seems to be this one. This thread concerns folk who want to beta test upcoming releases.

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My problem with the your music feature is the artist tab, every album you add just get thrown into one big playlist without separating them into albums. Sure i van just use the album tab and find it that way, but i like to browse my music by artist. Why cant they just add an album view within the artist tab, i think this is extremely annoying.

Without the possibility of making "Your Music" available offline I think this new feature is a step backwards. Most people that use Spotify cross devices use this feature because it is a convinient way of making all my "favoryte" music available offline on all my devices. Proviously all I needed to do to have my "library" a.k.a Starred playlist upto date and available offline on all my devices was to star a song. Now on the other hand I need to to either:

  • Completely ignore the "+" and adding to the new "Your music" functionality and straight chose Add to > Starred. This appraoch kinda loses the point of the new feature since I won't use it
  • Or add the song twice. Once with the "+" and once with the  Add to > Starred. This approach is a step backwards since it requires more actions rather then something better.

We need to see "Available offline" toggle for your music for sure.


I am probably repeating some things that other people have mentioned, but for me, Your Music is still lacking in terms of the way a "library" is created on both Rdio and Beats Music.


What I would like is, the ability to add a song/album to my collection and another selection to make available offline (which automatically adds it to your collection). The ability to sync songs offline should be available at the song level, not just at the Album or Song playlist level.


Also, when I go to Your Music. I see Artist. If I click on a artist, I see X number of songs. All of the songs are just lumped together. If I click on Artist, I should be able to see the Albums under that artist the songs are associated tpp. Then I can click on that album and see which songs from that album are part of my collection. I could then sync offline the individual songs I want or all songs on that album. It's fine to leave Albums and Songs as part of Your Collection as an unorganized mass. I like the ability to go to Songs and shuffle all the songs in my collection. However, I don't like that if I want to sync 1 song from an album to play offline, I have to sync the whole album or add it to a playlist. Can you please make it available to sync songs offline individual as well as at the album level?


Please look at how Rdio and Beats Music have implemeted this as it is done a lot better than the current version of Your Music.

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The main feedback topic, which the spotify guys are keeping an eye on seems to be this one. This thread concerns folk who want to beta test upcoming releases.


I'll lock this thread for now.