Collection beta testers wanted

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Community Manager

Hi everyone,


we're looking for folks to try out new versions of Collection on Spotify (Android, iOS, Web Player and Desktop.)


Are you interesting in becoming a beta tester? Do you want to help improve the Spotify experience?


Join the Beta Band!


Fill out this form now, apply to be part of the beta band, and receive beta versions of Spotify when they become available.


And don't forget to reply here to let everyone know you've applied!


More info soon, but here's a sneak preview:



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Applied... I'd like to beta test on Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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Applied, and looking forward to making Spotify even better!

Hi, I've just signed up and applied. Regards.

I'm on board for the Spotify beta tester express - next stop, a better Spotify experience.


Guys...3 weeks, still nothing...

Any news in the beta registration process ?

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The status on the beta overview says applications are closed, so I'm not sure it people are still being added or not. Maybe one of the staff can clarify? 



I have applied. Thank You

signed up just to be added for the collections beta.  I hear it's pretty good for organizing playlists, which is my main beef with spotify right now. 

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Community Manager

We have now closed the application form for the Collection beta. We may still add users from those who have applied.


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