December 2017 Rock Stars

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello again! And welcome to the last Rock Stars announcement of 2017. 


This past month we've promoted four very deserving Rising Stars up to the Rock Star rank. Congrats to all of you!













We're also excited to announce five Rising Stars that have been accepted into the elite Rock Star Program.


These Rising Stars are now on their way to moving up to Rock Star in a few months through helping folks on the Community and on @AskRockStars. Welcome to the team!















Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 1.26.08 PM.png


Want more information on Spotify's volunteer Rock Star Program, check out the main page here.










Rock Star 15
Rock Star 15

Congrats to all our new Rising Stars, and the newly promoted Rock Stars! You're all great!


Thanks and congratulation to all others =)

Casual Listener

using this app as a professional musician is not healthy for the electronics or blood pressure.Premium membership without any support for an app that is so plagued with issues that I'm surprised it even works at all. Two thumbs down frpom a REAL ROCKSTAR. Somebody needs to fix this disasterpiece or pitch it in the landfil13434685_10205979841168321_8721217527588354053_n.jpg10645113_10202563823210007_3705859986139631072_n.jpg10690319_10202601753638244_5937640033436380733_n.jpg

Rock Star 15
Rock Star 15

 Hey there, @harleyhellion!


I'd love to help you with your Spotify in another thread! If you create a thread in one of the Help boards, I'll make sure to see what I can do 😃




Casual Listener

Sorry Tim , that's not  the kind of help I expect from a PREMIUM  membership.. I'm most likely going to close the account , this app has way too many problems to be operating with only discussion about fixing them as it's only means of technical support . Who does business like that?  


    I'm a professional musician of over 30 years . All of my equipment is carefully selected for easy use and premium quality .NOTHING kills the groove quicker than having to set your instrument down because you have to contact support over some simple issue , which makes this makes this 100 times worse because there's no support available for a service that's similar to Windows 98 programs in Beta

Rock Star 15
Rock Star 15

I'm really sorry you're feeling this way, @harleyhellion, but I'd still love to help you! If you create a thread in the Help Boards, I'll make sure to do everything I can to help you with any issues!