December 2019 Ideas Review


Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and highlights the statuses we’ve updated in the past 30 days.



Below you can find the statuses changed last month. For more information read: Idea Exchange: How does my feedback reach Spotify?





1. [All Platforms][Playlists] Switch on/off crossfade in certain playlists

As mentioned in many of the recent comments, you can now head to Settings and turn off 'Automix'.







2. [Music] Ability to block certain Genres 

3. [All Platforms] Remember Position in Playlist / Album 

4. [Desktop] Select default Sound Device 







5. [Country] Spotify in Bangladesh 

6. [All Platforms][Other] Sony's 360 Reality Audio 






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Hey there! How about an implementation of time functions such as alarm clock (since it’s not compatible with native phone ones) and timer off. Cheers! 


Or maybe actually listening to users who want a dislike button back? See the post and comments here. It's something nearly 900 users want, and that's just counting the ones that bother coming to the online community and can navigate this mess of a forum to find the post. This post is the second listed in the 'Top Ideas' section, so it's certainly warranted to look into it.

You had the dislike button once, so why did it disappear? I swear, if it doesn't reappear in the next few months, I'm quitting Spotify for another service that actually lets me block songs and artists I dislike and don't want popping up in my playlists three times per day.

I am getting more and more tired of finding songs and artists I detest showing up in the playlists that were 'made for me.' I'm paying for premium, but I really don't feel like I'm getting a premium experience. Please fix this, Spotify, or I'm gone.


Hey Spotify team,
So Samsung phones have an ultra power saving mode and spotify should be an available music app option. Spotify should be able to run on Samsung phones while the phone is in ultra power saving mode because it will allow us to listen to plenty of content without worrying about being far from a charger and having to charge our phones. Especially if were always the dj because we have premium.


Hey Spotify,

I think users should be able to customize their playlist covers and descriptions through their mobile devices. It’s much easier and i’m sure everyone would appreciate it.


Hey spotify,

You guys should allow username changes since i made my username when i was in middle school and i absolutely hate it and its embarrassing now so please allow username changes 

Casual Listener

Maybe this has been discussed already but it really bothers me:

The option to switch from List- to Cover-Mode inside a playlist would be great. To get this effect I'm using multiple playlists inside a folder but it comes with some disadvantages. Thank you.



organizing playlists into folders

Casual Listener

@lucycn14: that is already possible. You can create a folder and drag your playlists inside. But I guess you mean something else?


How about getting the "fields" back in web-app? Reason: I don't understand default behaviour of getting the oldest song at the top.



Just wondering: Where at the top should i click, as all these closed ideas has got response.




Beğenmediğim şarkıların bana önerilmesini engellemek istiyorum. like ve dislike butonu özelliği eklenmeli. listemde olmayan şarkıları da engelleyebilmek istiyorum. teşekkürler.


hey Spotify,

It would be nice if you could add a way to  make a feature named spotify Duo where you can listen to what your friend is listning too 


Why am I unable to search downloaded songs and playlists when I'm offline on the windows platform?

Casual Listener

Another idea:

if you follow somebodys playlist one by default sees the four covers of the first four songs that got added. It would be more informative if a playlist showed the last four added songs so you can see if there is something new and don't have to klick on it first.


mwgutu: This will be as impossible as having default sort to latest first! This quite obvious sort order has never been in the web player and the aability to sort at all was revoked for to me an unknown reason (in "new web player"). Don't hold your breath and no matter how many kudos you'll get your idea will be closed!


Have you considered not making the app worse all the time? I'm still waiting on the "fix" to the New Library Experience that playlist users love, but was bundled with a ton of unrelated changes that absolutely wrecked the experience of people who use Spotify as a music library. There are useful and even essential features that were for some reason *cut* from the new UI, and when Spotify isn't ignoring complaints about it, all they can offer is the "we passed it onto the right team" lie or telling people to just make a new playlist for literally every possible listening scenario they might want.


What happened to this company?


GrawlixL: I agree, but posting ideas here is as usless as trying to make a snowman in Sahara!


Can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider adding a light mode to both the app and desktop software?


For many people (one in six) who suffer visual astigmatism, it's incredibly uncomfortable viewing a screen with white writing on a dark background. I can't bear to spend more than a few minutes browsing Spotify before my eyes begin to hurt.


I'm probably one of a million+ people who weren't considered when you chose to only offer a 'dark' user interface. This is not a matter of opinion or style - it's about making Spotify accessible for ALL users. This feature has been requested for so long yet Spotify seems oblivious to the needs of so many.


A 'light' mode will make a huge difference to millions of your users, and I implore you to implicate this feature as a matter of urgency, please!


Thank you.


kapearson: Don't hold yor breath!



It will be good if we can change our profile's name in settings. In my case, even if I login with my Facebook account's, my name is showed like a big number.

Casual Listener

@ralssa1987 you can change that: the number is shown because you don't allow Spotify to access your facebook data (for example your profile pic) or vice versa, I don't remember. But that problem is hidden somewhere in your settings.