December 2019 Ideas Review


Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and highlights the statuses we’ve updated in the past 30 days.



Below you can find the statuses changed last month. For more information read: Idea Exchange: How does my feedback reach Spotify?





1. [All Platforms][Playlists] Switch on/off crossfade in certain playlists

As mentioned in many of the recent comments, you can now head to Settings and turn off 'Automix'.







2. [Music] Ability to block certain Genres 

3. [All Platforms] Remember Position in Playlist / Album 

4. [Desktop] Select default Sound Device 







5. [Country] Spotify in Bangladesh 

6. [All Platforms][Other] Sony's 360 Reality Audio 






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Casual Listener

@pjo666 yeah, I sadly believe that you are right and nothing will change. But I think it is very good for a company to implement a feedback-plattform.
That is step 1.
Realizing that this feedback is incredibly valuable for the company would be step 2. Most companies fear even the first step. So let's be optimistic!


It would be amazing if the creators of playlists could see how many have listened to each song thru creators playlists! 

Casual Listener

I'm not sure if changing usernames was an available option a while back, but having a random string of numbers for a username is really hard especially when you're trying to search for a friend.


I personally don't want to connect FB to my account and would rather keep my  information to myself rather than share it. 


So please bring the username feature back, the world will thank you for it! 🙂


Neva-apoorva sorry but that will not happen in a short time frame. Only way to get Spotify to listen is for us users to revert back to free version or stop using spotify at all. This is the sad truth.


Please can you create a feature to block people following you on Spotify? I know it's an issue that's been discussed before and is an idea but not one to be implemented soon. It can be really painful/difficult if you have someone following you that you don't want to see any part of your life. Please make this happen Spotify, you're such a brilliant platform!


How many votes will it take for Spotify to finally give users to ability to "dislike" podcasts or at least mark them as "not interested"? I used to enjoy Daily Drive, when it knew (or guessed) I like to listen to news on politics. Now I keep getting sports podcast after sports podcast and I can't even skip right through them anymore--I have to skip them in 15 second increments until I simply pull over, park and drag the play bar all the way to the end, which probably tells you guys I listened to a sports podcast I never cared about in the first place--so I get more sports podcasts! The "customise Daily Drive" idea has over 500 votes at the moment. When will it have enough for it to be implemented? That way, I can say "not interested" or "interested" and the Playlist will actually interest me again. Thank you.

Casual Listener

where is the february 2020 ideas review?!!


No matter what this feature sticks until the staff members them selves finds out it should be changed and not before. I agree with you though. The official 100 kudos per year is dog ....



Would we be able to ever have a discussion like thread with our friends? I love sharing songs with my friends and discussing them, but always have to use a third party device. Thanks so much!

Casual Listener

Some cool Ideas here...

I love the redesign on the playlist on IOS btw.


How about the ability to view friends activity on mobile devices.


If I were to pick a song, I can see what friends have listened to it and how many times they listened to it. See popular trends and optionally receive recommendations based on their account listening history.


My account was hacked by some random in Russia, and they have been listening to a bunch of awful music which has totally **bleep** up the history and recommendations on my account. I want to be able to remove song/albums/artists from history so my accounts reflects my own taste.




This has been brought up before but SHUFFLE needs serious work.  It plays the majority of the same playlist songs every time it's shuffled.  It IS ELEMENTARY to create an randomized list.  So therefore I must assume Spotify puts preferences/weightings on songs downloaded from its platform.  SHAME on you if you want to be a user friendly service.  I have an ultrarunning playlist that has 710 songs and 13 motivational audio clips recorded by my family to spur me on.  I have copied and put those clips in 10 times....that's 130 clips - 20% of the playlist....and I still don't hear ANY OF THEM on a FOUR HOUR run.  Very disappointing!




It's possible to write un other colour musics singles present un playlist ?

For fast identification in add new singles.


And for new singles proposition to switch title with finger in the playlist select before.


Sorry for my english.


Thank you.


Hello Spotify Team,


I have an idea about the frequencies of the musics we listens. There are some programs that converts songs from 400 Hz to 432 Hz. Can spotify also imply this function into our all playlists?


Have a nice day 🙂