Fall Ideas Review 2020


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1.  [iOS][Other] Add an app widget for iOS 14

2. [All Platforms][Search] Search for songs using its lyrics


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3. [Desktop] Popout player


We've marked this as 'Good Idea'.

Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea.


We'll continue to check out the comments in the threads as well.




4. [Desktop][Playlists] Bring back Sorting options


We don't have any plans to implement this at this time.


If something should change we'll come back and provide an update in the threads we linked above.








4. [Wear OS] Offline Music on Wear OS devices 


We also think this is a great idea and we're looking into it further after your awesome feedback.


We've changed this idea to 'Under Consideration' and we'll post here if we have an update.




5. [Queue] Playlist from current Queue

6. [Discover Weekly] View previous Discover Weekly Playlists

7. [Plex][Social] Integrate Spotify into Plex

8. [Partnerships] Kodi Plugin (XBMC)

9. [All Platforms] Offer Subscription Option for Those Not Going Online Every 30 Days

10. Bring Back the Offline Devices List page

11. [Android][Connect] Bring back support for removed BMW Connected Drive Integration

12. [PS4][Other] Spotify on PS4 in Russia

13. [Playstation][Other] Spotify App for PS Vita - a great music player with an awesome DAC

14. [Desktop][Playlists] Change Folder Image

15. [Social] Rooms/Shared Listening Concept 


We're setting these to 'Not Right Now', as they aren't something we've thought of implementing immediately.


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I have an idea (don't know if it's good or bad, but the thing is it doesn't let me post it in the idea forum so imma post it here. So sorry) but anyways whenever I make playlists, I've wished there was a way to add like a note to a song instead of writing everything in the bio section of each and every playlist.


For example, imagine if you make a playlist for someone, you add some songs to a playlist and you click on the three dots (you know the dots that are always on the right and it gives you options to remove and add songs from playlists etc.) and it appears an option to add a note. Let's say you are able to create a note for every song in your playlists individually (ex: 20 songs = 20 notes). Now lets say you have a song that you really love and you like to add that song to each and everyone of your playlists. The note option will give you the ability to make a new one, regardless if you put the same song twice in the same playlist or if you put the same songs that are found across all your personal playlists (as in the notes won't intersect with existing notes even if you have the same songs. Basically new notes will always be there regardless if you put the same song 100 times in one playlist or if you have a song that is found in all your playlists.) The only time a note won't be new is if you write on it (Also, you can always edit it later. I think you should add a autosave or a manual save button, or both.) The note option, will only work in collaboration mode or when you are the creator of the playlists. You can also hide notes in the playlists you make whether the playlist itself is public or private. Apart from that you can delete/erase notes that you've already made. 


The reason why I think this "note function" is needed is because I believe it can let fellow artists and users to interact/connect more with the app and for many it may let them express their thoughts more (especially when there are users that make playlists that have a theme/story around it.) This feature allows them to go beyond other than the bio section. The purpose for these notes could be like commenting or relating to the song such as "this song reminds me of when we went to Antarctica (or any place)." or "this song makes me feel like..... " or you could also write "this song or this specific line means to me...." (for those that like to express the many different unique meanings one song can hold.) It can also allow users to engage and form these connections through music by telling a story and it can definitely create or help reconnect memories through this option by relating it to the music (especially when there are people that reactive memories by listening to a certain song or melody).  It's also great for those that like to tell stories through your playlists or that are aspiring writers that like, making custom playlists for characters as well as writing scenarios for them. Remember this is just an idea that I thought for a while, (definitely got inspired by SoundCloud which lets you comment on songs publicly but I don't think they have something like this or at least specifically.)

Edit: I think whenever you make note you can the option to make it color coded and the notes could be subtle. Like on the three dots it says show note or hide note . I also think Spotify in general should let users have the option to choose to have different colors as the background.)

thank you


Is there any chance we could get the option to sort by artist again?  I'm having trouble finding music in my liked songs by artist now.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. Add a block feature! It has been requested for years and is extremely needed. Sadly I have started to be stalked this year and the person refuses to unfollow me on spotify despite how uncomfortable it makes me feel. They are also my only follower, so I can't share playlists with friends or family incase they see my profile and that this one strange person is following me. There is a large petition on

That also has many signatures.. this is a very small ask that your users are requesting. Like others have pointed out most other online platforms allow a block feature, it is incredibly disappointing that Spotify can't be bothered to help us stay safe. I have been a premium user since 2013 and would hate to create a whole new account just to be rid of this person who is trying to intimidate and harass me by their last available means. PLEASE SPOTIFY, I am basically begging you.


We 👏 Need 👏 A 👏 Block 👏 Feature 👏 FFS


Y'all should keep likes but also have an option to then rate the music with 1-5 stars or be able to give songs a 1-10 rating to make it easier to find songs that people really liked but didn't add to playlists.


Bring back clicking on album art to jump to where the song is playing from! Why do you take that off????


Where's the block feature update?


Anyone else still looking for an auto-download/auto-delete feature for podcasts?  Spotify, take it back into consideration for the January 2021 Ideas Review.  This idea was posted four years ago and is a bare-minimum feature for an app that hopes to be a top podcast app.