February 10, 2017 : new indie albums worth a listen

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February 2017 - New Indie Releases


New Music Friday : February 10, 2017


No Culture (Deluxe) Elwan
Origin : Vancouver, Canada Origin : Tessalit, Mali
Genre : Indie Rock, Indie Pop Genre : World, Tuareg Blues
==> Brilliant sixth studio album by the five piece Canadian band formed in 2005 by guitarist and vocalist Ryan Guldemond with his sister Molly. ==> Seventh studio album by the Grammy Award-winning group of Tuareg musicians from the Sahara Desert, including collaboration with Kurt Vile, Mark Lanegan, Matt Sweeney, Alain Johannes.
The Temple Of I & I Life & Livin' It
Origin : Wshington, D.C., USA Origin : London, England
Genre : Downtempo, Chill Out, Trip Hop Genre : Alternative Hip Hop, Free jazz, Funk rock
==> Tenth studio album of the recording artist and DJ collective consisting of Rob Garza, Eric Hilton, and their supporting artists Rob Myers, Loulou Ghelichkhani, Natalia Clavier, Frank 'Booty Lock' Mitchell, Mr. Lif, Jeff Franca and Ashish Vyas. ==> Sixth studio album released on label City Slang by Ahmed Gallab who is also the Band Leader and Music Director of the Atomic Bomb! Band which plays the music of Nigerian Electro-Funk Legend William Onyeabor.
Human (Deluxe) Memories Are Now
Origin : Uckfield, East Sussex, England Origin : Santa Rosa, California, USA
Genre : Modern Soul, Alternative RnB Genre : Alternative Folk
==> Debut album by Rory Graham better known as Rag'n'Bone Man, British singer-songwriter, winner in 2016 of the Brits Critics' Choice Awards 2017. ==> Seventh studio album by the American singer-songwriter, guitarist. Her career started in 2003 when she was supported by Tom Waits.
Foàr A Moment, I Was Lost Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins
Origin : Nottingham, England Origin : San Francisco, California, USA
Genre : Indie Pop, Indie Rock Genre : Alternative country-Rock, Indie Rock
==> Second studio album by the British band formed in 2012 and consisting of Will Jones, Joe Keogh, Tom Sperring and Henry Wyeth. Physical release of the album is scheduled March, 17. ==> Fourteenth solo album by the American singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer. He has been compared to everyone from Ray Davies,[to Leonard Cohen, Tom Petty, Randy Newman and Alex Chilton.
Thin When The Morning Greets You
Origin : Charlottesville, Virginia, USA Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Genre : Alternative Folk, Art Folk Genre : Psychedelic Rock
==> Third studio album by the American duo consisting of Daniel and Lauren Goans. Their songs have been described as "poetic and evocative", and their arrangements "minimal, hushed and dynamic". ==> Second studio album by the Californian band developing their brilliant "San Francisco" psychedelic sound all along this recording.