February 16, 2018 : new albums worth a listen

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February 2018 - New Album Releases


New Music Friday : February 16, 2018

Twin Fantasy What a Time to Be Alive
Origin : Leesburg, Virginia, USA Origin : Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
Genre : Indie Rock Genre : Indie Rock, Punk Rock
==> Eleventh studio album by the American band formed in 2010. It's a brilliant and complete re-recording and reworking of the band's sixth studio album Twin Fantasy. ==> Eleventh studio album by the American band formed in 1989. Members Mac McCaughan (guitar and vocals) and Laura Ballance (bass), are also founders of the label Merge Records, based in Durham, North Carolina.
Vicious Pleasure In a Poem Unlimited
Origin : Sydney, Australia Origin : Toronto, Canada
Genre : Melodic Hardcore, Post hardcore Genre : Experimental Pop, Art Pop

==> Second studio album by the Australian band formed in 2009 and consisting of vocalist Joel Martorana, bassist Matt Jones, guitarist/vocalist Jiem Sow, drummer Julian Diaz and guitarist Christian Hrdina.

==> Eighth studio album by U.S Girls, recording moniker of American-Canadian musician Meghan Remy who moved to Canada after marrying Canadian musician Max "Slim Twig" Turnbull.
Onion Music For the Long Emergency
Origin : Oakland, California, USA Origin : Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Genre : Garage Rock, Garage Punk, Surf Rock Genre : Synthpop, Indietronica, Trip Hop

==> Sixth studio album by the American band formed in 2009 and led by Shannon Shaw, who sings and plays bass. She is also member of the queercore punk outfit Hunx and His Punx.

==> Fourth studio album by the American band, through Transgressive Records. They Teamed up with Berlin-based orchestral collective s t a r g a z e, to develop this new album.
Pop Evil Good Mood
Origin : Muskegon, Michigan, USA Origin : Brisbane, Australia
Genre : Hard Rock, Alternative Metal Genre : Indie Rock

==> Sixth studio album by the American rock band formed in 2001 by Leigh Kakaty from pieces of other Michigan bands. This new self-titled recording has been released through label eOne Music.

==> Fifth studio album by the Australian band formed in 2008 and consisting of frontman Sam Cromack (guitar/vocals), Jennifer Boyce (bass/backing vocals), Paul Furness (keys/trombone), and twins Dean Hanson (guitar/backing vocals) and Daniel Hanson (drums/backing vocals). They all met while they were studying music together at the Queensland University of Technology.
Loma By The Way, I Forgive You
Origin : Dripping Springs, Texas, USA Origin : Ravensdale, Washington, USA
Genre : Alternative Pop, Baroque Pop Genre : Folk Rock, Americana

==> "Loma's enigmatic debut feels beautifully adrift in time and space. It's an album that takes you to a place you've never been, with a rare confidence in the strength of its own vision." (bandcamp)

==> Ninth studio album by the Grammy-nominated American singer-songwriter, active since 2004. She said of her style, "I've gone through all sorts of vocal phases, from pop to blues to R&B, but no matter what I do, I just can't get the country and western out of my voice." (Wikipedia)

Nice list, @Soundofus!


Don't forget...

Ought - 'Room Inside The World'




Belle & Sebastian - 'How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 3)'




Pete Astor - 'One for the Ghost'




...which are also out today 🙂





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Always difficult when it's time to make a choice 🙂


Anyway, I am not convinced yet by Ought. New Belle & Sebastian is more an EP than an album and, in my opinion, even if Pete Astor's One For The Ghost is not bad, I really prefer the previous one Spilt Milk 🙂


But as we use to say : "All the tastes are in the Nature" 🙂


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Rock Star 14

Very true, @Soundofus 😉


To be honest I'm a huge B&S fan and I knew it'd be tenuous to highlight an EP in this blog post, but I couldn't resist mentioning it.


Just checking out the POLIÇA stuff right now, as I really enjoyed the last album.


Happy Friday!