Greenroom by Spotify

Greenroom by Spotify

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Spotify is getting a further step in creating a solid and integrated audio ecosystem. This week, Spotify Greenroom is becoming alive changing how you can interact or share your ideas, create new podcasts or just discuss anything. You can talk about music, culture, sports or anything else you like with your friends or anyone else around the world. So you won't have limits on Greenroom and your discussion will be what matters.


Getting to know Spotify Greenroom




Greenroom is the new standalone app by Spotify that lets you host and participate in audio rooms through live discussions. You will be able to talk to everyone that shares the same interests as you on music, sports, culture, or other themes. Imagine that you are watching a fantastic NBA match between Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Lakers and you would like to talk to other fans about the game, so what about creating a room on Greenroom and find them, even if they are on the other side of the world and talk about this epic match in real-time? Awesome, isn't it?


Getting Greenroom

Spotify Greenroom is available in over 135 markets around the world on Android and iOSYou don't need a Premium subscription or even a Spotify account to use Greenroom. It's for free so you just need to download it, create a new account and start discussing, but if you already have a Spotify account, you can use it to log into Greenroom. Easy-peasy, right?


Unique live rooms for your people




You can find people from any part of the world that share the same interests as you. Browse groups on any subject, from teams to bands to topics that have the world talking. You can choose these topics and Greenroom will notify you when pop-up any rooms you can join. 


Hosting rooms or joining rooms







You can join existing rooms or create your own rooms. It's very easy to create host a new discussion on Greenroom and you can be your own creator just choosing the theme and making your room live. Rooms have the host that is who created it, speakers that are the ones who have permission to talk and discuss in the room, and of course, the listeners that are who are following the discussion. But, anyone can talk in a room just raising their hand to speak or just ask something. Ohh, and if you are someone that doesn't want to share your voice, don't worry because you can participate on the discussion tab just by typing.






Getting Support for Greenroom

If you need help with anything, don't worry because we are here to help you! You can find the answers to your questions on the official Greenroom website or on the Spotify support page. If you prefer, you can reach out here in the community and we will help you, without a doubt.




Greenroom is here and we are just waiting for you! Join this brand new way to discuss just entering our room, our Greenroom... See you there! 


So exciting! Thank you for the blog @Luan ‌‌🌟 I just created an account 👀


when the available the Greenroom on the desktop app.

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Awesome! 😄


That's pretty cool, I'm checking it out! 👀

Music Fan

gå gärna in och lyssna på min nya singel på  och följ mig gärna på Spotify 

Casual Listener

Why am I getting ads for this that are interrupting my listening. I'm paying for premium so I don't get ads, just because it's for an (unrelated) app from the same company doesn't make it not an ad.


Great, Spotify can do standalone apps. So, this announcement next, please:



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I've been using Greenroom for some weeks and I can say, that's pretty nice! Thank you for that, Spotify! Especially for opening this experience for everyone!


First, I wanna say, that I do like how Greenroom works and its design. But lately I am worried. Can't find any good topics, and no room active.  There are for that matter no Swedes, or any other from the nordic countries. 

So wonder if Greenroom allready has died, because there is nothing there?

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Hi @trumpetare! To see active rooms, make sure to follow groups/topics on Greenroom! There're lots of them like Comedy, MusicNews, NBA, CelebrityNews, etc.

When you follow one, Greenroom will also notify you about rooms you can join!
If you want to know more details about it, you can also check this page.

Take care!


Awesome, Really good collection, Appreciated as you order the Collection,Nice work. 😍  unionwells russia