Hot Ideas Weekly - Artist Playlist, iOS 7 design and "More releases"

Hot Ideas Weekly - Artist Playlist, iOS 7 design and "More releases"

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Welcome to our weekly roundup of the hottest new ideas.


For this blog we look at the hottest ideas posted in the community in the last 7 days, so you can see what's new and what others, like you, think is cool.


To post your suggestion just head on over to Spotify Ideas and blast away.


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This week's list of HOT ideas:


  1. Idea: Auto Updating Artist Playlist
    Status: New Idea
    Suggested by: Plantpop

    An option to create a smart playlist for any artist which:
    • automatically populates with all the artist's releases
    • updates itself with new releases
    • notifies you about releases via in app message or email


  2. Idea: iOS 7 design
    Status: New Idea
    Suggested by: Anthony

    I've been thinking and coming across topics with the request of a design for iOS 7 (basically where the time/connections bar matches the colour of Spotify).
    I've been seeing a steady trickle of iOS 7 updates from other apps, so perhaps Spotify could do the same?

  3. Idea: Make better use of the "1 More Release" drop down button
    Status: New Idea
    Suggested by: mdewater

    Many albums have been released in multiple different versions. Deluxe versions, remastered versions, anniversary editions, etc. There is currently a button on some albums that says "1 more release" or "2 more releases" etc. You click on this button and are given a drop down menu with different versions of that album to select. This is great! ...