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Ideas Review

Hey Folks!


Sorry for the silence over the past couple with the Ideas Review - we've had a busy few months having our annual Rock Star Jam where we flew out our top Community Rock Stars to check out the office in New York. 


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Now let's check out the latest updates...



1. Android Widget

We’re excited to let you know the Android Widget is back. To get listening, make sure you’re on the latest version of the app and Spotify will show in the widget menu on your device.


The widget is now resizable and some stability issues have been fixed. 


2. Screen always on Option when driving

3. Compatibility with Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

4. Folders for playlists in the Web Player

5. Share Spotify on Snapchat

6 . Adding indivdual Podcasts to Playlists



7. Friendship Playlists


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'!


As a heads up, Family Mix is available to users on the Premium Family. It's a playlist that combines the music you and other members on your plan listen to. 


8. Voice Control

9. Bring Back Mobile Playlist Sorting/Searching

10. Music Videos



11. Remove specific Artists from Discover Page


Whilst it's not possible to remove an artist directly from your Home page, there are several ways to give feedback to the app that you don't like certain Songs or Artists. 


- In your Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Daily Mix playlists you can click the 'Hide' button and select either 'Don't play this song' or 'Don't play this artist'.


- You can head direct to an Artist Page, click the three dots and select 'Don't Play This'.


12. Music sharing with people nearby






13. Alphabet scroll bar


The A-Z scroll bar is back on iOS, under the Artist tab on Your Library. 


We can see that there are users requesting this feature on Android too. We'll keep the status as 'Not Right Now', so you can keep adding your votes. 


14. Show own Cover Art of shared Playlist

15. View & Shuffle all Tracks in Playlist Folders

16. Remove individual track from saved album

17. Songs changes in OSX Notifications

18. Spotify for KaiOS

19. Support Crossfade on Spotify Connect

20. Personal Song Counter

21. Ability to search within all playlists

22. TV Shows & Movies



We thrive on Ideas


We're actively bringing your comments and feedback to the teams here so they know which features are important to you. If you've got a good idea, you can submit it here.


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Not sure if this is the place to submit this idea but what about an anthology slider? Example: I like the Deftones from Adrenaline to Self-Titled but don't care for their later works. I want to randomize songs between these albums only. I can move the slider to have a playlist only include songs between certain years of artist activity.


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Hi @grimguts,


There's a special new idea section, check this out.


If you can't find the submit new idea button, scroll down to the bottom of the page, it's hard to find the first time 😀


Next a moderator will check your idea and for example will check if it's a duplicate. If not, it will be moved to the new idea section. The community can vote for your idea and the more votes, the more likely it will get implemented.


Looking forward to see your idea 😀





I think it'd be a useful little feature if you could group however many songs you want on a playlist/album so that when you shuffle it, they play together or in succession.  For example, if two songs on an album flow together really well, just group them together so that when you play one of the songs on shuffle, they both play (in order or not in order).

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Hi @PhilliganT,


Please submit you idea over here.

At the bottom of the page you find an option to submit a new idea. Others can vote for your idea, the more votes, the more likely it will be implemented.


Looking forward to see your new idea 😉





Hey, I see you added an alphabet scroll bar for artists. Thanks! But, can't we also have an alphabet scroll bar for the liked songs? I feel it would be more efficient than either scrolling endlessly (considering some have over 5000 songs liked) or constantly searching the desired song and putting it in the queue. 

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Hi @lautart,


Please submit your idea over here. At the bottom of the page there is button to submit a new idea. Others can vote for your idea and the more votes  the more likely it will get implemented.





Hi there,
So where do I ever start from I’m most possibly talking to the wrong department, however I would need to passed on to the right people after this query is read & dealt with. So please I would like this query to acknowledged with diligent care and attention.

Right so as an artist on Spotify, Spotify has obviously found a way to try get the more upcoming artist on the editorial playlists chosen by editors if I am correct, however I massively do not see this trend in the Afrobeat genre it’s like the Afrobeat Editor playlist is being ran like the Nigerian government all over again corrupt & very one way road? I watch the trend in the indie editorial, country editorial, etc and I see how upcoming artistes with little to no following there socials, low stream count getting their tracks on editorial playlists. However with my genre, the Afrobeat I’m sorry to say but it’s being run unfairly as all the #Afro editorial playlist all just have the same artist names through out each of them meaning independent artists like myself who has only has been in the game for less than a year to be able accumulate over 100,000 streams is no child’s game and deserves some sorta credit. I appreciate and honour that whoever will be reading this might exactly be able to help, however please as I don’t see music as an hobby & I make it with passion and I’m doing as my focusing on it as a full time career. Therefore their needs to be a change & look into why the Afrobeat editorial playlists don’t feature upcoming artist who are not either verified on Instagram or signed under a label.

Casual Listener

I was thinking of the idea of being able to see who our followers are, on our account and even on our playlists. It’s very exciting to see different people whether it be your friends or other Spotify users following your playlist. I hope that this can be a change in a later update 

Community Legend

Hi @Marcyteb,


Check this idea.


It's one of the most popular idea but the status is: not right now. I think spotify doesn't want to be an advanced social media platform. The social media features are limited now. Also you will get discussions if people want to be seen when they are following a play list. But this is just me guessing 😀 why the status is: not right now.




Music Fan

If only we could get personal play counts, Spotify and Developers! Sure, we hear the same "join Lastfm" blah, blah, blah. Lastfm does not show you your historical listening reports, it only starts tracking once you have joined which is nonsense. I wanna know what I played and how many times NUMERIC WISE I've played a certain song before the joining of Lastfm. You guys should REALLY take this idea more seriously. 

Music Fan

Seriously, y'all. I'm about to debate whether or not to switch to Apple Music. After all, they show play counts. And y'all could be TEN TIMES BETTER than Apple Music because, in order for it to track, you have to sync and download. While on Spotify, you shouldn't have to sync. If y'all really wanna compete with them, show play counts and do it ten times better. 


I'm a Spotify Loyal User. I LOVE this service but SERIOUSLY consider this or I'll make a decision on whether or not to abandon this service. I'm not the type of customer to be ignored. I have encountered terrifically annoying problems on this service but have let them slide, pushed them away and forgot about it. But not this time, Spotify!! 




My name is Isaiah Milfort. I had the oppurtunity to particpate in your Internship recruitment session at SCAD Atlanta. I pitched idea during the event: AR/VR in studios sessions with artist. Take some of the top streaming artist and have them record there song live. Allow the viewer to be within the studio and see the process. A fully immersive experince. Have them recording the hook, verse and even listening to instrumentals. Showing the artists process while developing the hit song.


I would like to call attention to this thread

It has been 5 years since this was posted and still nothing from Spotify on how they plan to fix it.  Please include this in one of your monthly reviews this year!! It would be a great thing to fix by the Holidays!!

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Will this be the last monthly ideas review now that Tom left? 

Community Legend

Hey @Primenay


If you are interested I suggest yyou create a new idea stating how it hasn't been looked at in a while. That way it brings more attention to the idea!





"dislike" or "skip song" on the desktop app please.


If there's a song I don't like on an album I don't it to be auto-played.  Right now this is impossible and very frustrating since it can be done on most other platforms.



We're confused as to why the genre of gospel music isn't included in the Browse 'Genre & Moods' front page section? 


Gospel has an array of vibrant & diverse styles such as, hip hop, rhythm, jazz, trap beast, UK grime/rap scene & contemporary, so many playlists exists however it would be easier to locate them under one section as seen when locating the new featured 'Black History is Happening Now' page. 


Please vote for this idea (Quickly switch between accounts, like Netflix)

Music Fan

So is anyone going to ignore the fact that they have all the times you listened to a song stored in their data and they won't show it to you? That's why the personal play counts shall be displayed. 


1. First of all, barely, if ever scrobbles and has its lazy days of just plain not scrobbling AT ALL and is quite often not accurate to do its non-ability of tracking offline. 

2. When joining, you CANNOT, see historical listening. Which should be a big problem for all of you. We MUST bug Spotify like crazy to show our personal listening reports!



Hi @grimguts,


There's a special new idea section, where you can get idea of spotify premium apk check this out.