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Ideas Review

Hey Folks!


Sorry for the silence over the past couple with the Ideas Review - we've had a busy few months having our annual Rock Star Jam where we flew out our top Community Rock Stars to check out the office in New York. 


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Now let's check out the latest updates...



1. Android Widget

We’re excited to let you know the Android Widget is back. To get listening, make sure you’re on the latest version of the app and Spotify will show in the widget menu on your device.


The widget is now resizable and some stability issues have been fixed. 


2. Screen always on Option when driving

3. Compatibility with Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

4. Folders for playlists in the Web Player

5. Share Spotify on Snapchat

6 . Adding indivdual Podcasts to Playlists



7. Friendship Playlists


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'!


As a heads up, Family Mix is available to users on the Premium Family. It's a playlist that combines the music you and other members on your plan listen to. 


8. Voice Control

9. Bring Back Mobile Playlist Sorting/Searching

10. Music Videos



11. Remove specific Artists from Discover Page


Whilst it's not possible to remove an artist directly from your Home page, there are several ways to give feedback to the app that you don't like certain Songs or Artists. 


- In your Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Daily Mix playlists you can click the 'Hide' button and select either 'Don't play this song' or 'Don't play this artist'.


- You can head direct to an Artist Page, click the three dots and select 'Don't Play This'.


12. Music sharing with people nearby






13. Alphabet scroll bar


The A-Z scroll bar is back on iOS, under the Artist tab on Your Library. 


We can see that there are users requesting this feature on Android too. We'll keep the status as 'Not Right Now', so you can keep adding your votes. 


14. Show own Cover Art of shared Playlist

15. View & Shuffle all Tracks in Playlist Folders

16. Remove individual track from saved album

17. Songs changes in OSX Notifications

18. Spotify for KaiOS

19. Support Crossfade on Spotify Connect

20. Personal Song Counter

21. Ability to search within all playlists

22. TV Shows & Movies



We thrive on Ideas


We're actively bringing your comments and feedback to the teams here so they know which features are important to you. If you've got a good idea, you can submit it here.


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Só queria dizer que esta ideia de mandar email informando shows dos artistas que nós ouvimos foi genial! 


Widget is back, yey! Can't get my thoughts around why it was deleted in the first place.


to add to @blasferrari's comment, maybe add a live queue feature. a host of a party/dj can create a live queue of songs that others can send suggestions to and they would have control over what songs play and in what order. 


the app should start showing artist's music videos. a lot of people go to youtube to watch music videos when they could just stay on the app and watch them there. 


My first time out here. I love seeing businesses that are listening to their community. As a business person myself it's very important.


I'm a long-time Spotify user. I am also a Baby Boomer so the jump from buying my music was a huge step for me. Thanks for making that move so easy. What decided for me was I saved money, but I got access to so much more music that I would have never found.


Guten Tag Ich möchte wissen warum unter dem Ordner Lieblingssongs die Musikliste nur mit dem Namen des Songs und Künslters gezeigt wird ohne ein kleines Bild vom Cover des Musik zu sehen. Zur orienterung oder suchen eines Songs ist es so sehr schwierig den gewünschten Song zu finden da man ja nicht alle Namen des Songs kennt aber Bilder sich viel besser merken kann. Wie zb. beim App TIDAL werden zusätzlich Cover Bilder vom Musik gezeigt. Somit fällt es viel einfacher den Song zu finden. Ich bitte Sie im Ordner Lieblingssongs alle Musikdatein zusätzlich mit einem kleinen Bild zu versehen. Ich würde mich über eine Antwort sehr freuen. Besten Dank.


I have had the same idea and missed the covers in my favourites as well, i've looked around in the app and the desktop version and there is simply no way to list your favourites with album/song artwork.

I did however find a submitted idea for this feature but Spotify doesn't seem to be planning to implement it for now. I don't think it's high on their priority list, since the idea is submitted in 2013...




Artist name disambiguation. Sadly, not every artist's name is unique. When searching, or for automated mixes, the user should be given a choice between profiles of artists that share a name. These descriptions might include location, recent shows etc to help the user select the correct profile. 


The bonus for you is that you now have better data with little or no effort. 



Casual Listener

Please remove "[YEAR] remasered" it is SOOOOOO annoying

Casual Listener

How about reviewing ideas based on time they have been waiting rather than just votes?


This has been 'not right now' for 6 years! When is right now? you implemented the feature so add a setting to let us disable it!

Casual Listener

Two factor authentication? Still being considered fo rover a year?


Why is Spotify trying to create a social media platform for listening to music?  What happened to having a simple library where I can send songs/artists/albums that I enjoy via a save button? Now I have to follow/heart these things?  This is absurd to me and you are just overcomplicating a simple system that worked great for everyone.  All I want is a simple A-Z songs library to shuffle. No likes. No follows. No BS. If I like a song I should be able to save it and be done instead of this heart this, follow that, never find in the hundreds of useless playlists nonsense!!!  Change it back and stop messing with things that have worked for years!


I have a suggestion for Spotify to help people that make podcasts, as a person with a podcast on Spotify I think it would be nice to be able to see an artist page to edit or change the podcast page.