In Our Headphones: April 2017


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April is the coolest month…


We’ve patiently shivered under falling showers, seen jokers become fools, and watched winter hurried along by the spring in its step. Between us we’ve collected quite the soundtrack to reflect the thawing chaos.


Here are some of the tracks that have been drip-drip-dropping in our headphones throughout April.


First up, the finisher track 'Castella Freestyle' from Devlin's latest album The Devil In:




Yup. That's what he's been doing for the last three years. This scoudrel's song is a powerful reminder of the place etched by Devlin in the grime hall of fame. If you reach beyond the buzzwords it's clear to see that one day grime will hold its own in the history of British poetry. Devlin demonstrates rap arrogance at its best whilst teaching all who listen a lesson in creative writing: ‘I can make dead ravens fly in the jaded sky’ - listen out for it. He also uses the line ‘Best not slip like a baby on ice’ which is so reminiscent of Bambi it just had to be included in the April edition of In Our Headphones. 


If you're looking for that band to keep the canned heat in your heels whilst you work, look no further, GoGo Penguin are the one. They're a three-piece, rhythm led, instrumental setup whose percussive melodies effortlessly run parrell to the multi-tasking mind. Have a listen to one of their mellower tracks 'Break':




If you want to check out the other sounds that made it onto April's playlist, here you go:




Happy listening!!

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Thanks for good updates as always!


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