In Our Headphones: April 2018

Community Manager
Community Manager


Welcome back to In Our Headphones. This is your monthly VIP pass to take a sneak peak into the listening habits of some of our Spotify staff!
(Disclaimer, no physical VIP ticket included 😉)

Because of that, today we're going to let the staff do the talking!


It's friday, so let's kick things off with an upbeat hit by Two Door Cinema Club.



What time of day it's been played on in the office: Perfect for lunch time in the sun!
Quote from staff: "Something good can work, something good for work!"


Next up Aqualung's 'Eggshells' ft. Lianne La Havas



What time of day it's been played on in the office: First thing! This one's great for easing us into the morning.

Quote from staff: "Love how this track develops and brances out into Lianne La Havas' vocals. It's one you can sit and listen to, or enjoy in the background too"


Finally, 'Even Out' by Human Cell



What time of day it's been played on in the office: This is an end of day hit.

Quote from staff: "Looking out of the window on a summer day gets everyone thinking about being outside with friends! When that's not possible, we pop a banger like this on instead, and jam out inside"

That's our top 3, but there's plenty more! Here's the full playlist:



Rock Star 13
Rock Star 13

So good!

Rock Star 17
Rock Star 17

Always up for The Roots :)