In Our Headphones: April 2019

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Hello everyone!


With May here, it's time to have a look at which songs were in our headphones during April. 


I think most of us were excited when the new season of Game of Thrones came out, and so was our Kate. She had this to say: "The two songs from GoT are fresh from the new season. The anticipation paid off and I got not one but two from the soundtrack. Also, Ramin is my favorite artist ever (has even been on my top x year lists more than once)." Let's have a look at the songs she is talking about:






As for my choice, I couldn't help but have at least one Ivan B song in my headphones. He is my all time favorite artist so when his new album 'Remains' came out in the beginning of April, I made it a priority to listen to it immediately. Luckily I was roadtripping that day and I had plenty of time, bonus is that my mom liked his music too! While the whole album was great, the song 'Chapter 2' stood out for me (I have a thing with relatable lyrics):




I wasn't the only one roadtripping, let's talk about Kate's choices again. "The french song: I heard it while I was starting a trip and it was very uplifting (the weather was foggy and rainy and the song talks about good weather -at least-)." The French song? Let's see which one she means:




If you're curious what our other choices were, go and have a look at the complete In Our Headphones playlist here:




See you all next month!


Nice one @Daisy 🎉


Here's to The Night King slowly stealing the top spot from my favorite song spotify:track:6iLzFJhs4ATwJn7P1utZIJ 


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Great one again Daisy!
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Thank You! 

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best rap playlist! you won't regret.


Loved it!


me gusta la **bleep** musica 

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Hip Hug Her in Hamburg


I did a compilation that was in my head thus would like to share it with u. 


dance and idnie pop to nu disco 😉