In Our Headphones: August 2017

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In Our Headphones - August


September the 7th. Apparently this means only 54 days until 🎃, and 109 days until sleigh bells.


Ho, Ho, Hoooo. Wait? We mean, Hey, Hey, Heyyy! Slowwww down. It's only just been August hasn't it?! We're going to keep the sun shining a little longer, and let you in on our August soundtrack 🌞


Let's rewind.... time to set the scene again.


- Put those awkward flip flops back on ✅

- Grab those sunglasses. The ones you never really thought suited you (but wore at the first sight of sun anyway) ✅

- Chuck a few ice cubes in your drink ✅

- Open every window in your house. Watch your paperwork blow around. Go back and shut all but one window ✅

- Invite your friends round ✅

- Pop Spotify on, and check out THIS playlist ✅


That's it, now we're feeling summery again. So, August.


First up, 




Something light, with a little 'pop' and fizz to get you dancing. We're starting with Lauv "I Like Me Better".



Now that you're in the garden anyway, why not take your mind to the more elegant summer evening under the late night sun. Here we have the sweet, soft, bird sounds, and chilled out cocktail vibes of "Stay Here", by Rhoda.



We absolutely love this, and can't stop picturing a flower filled garden, swooping butterflies, and delicate crystal glasses.




How about one more? Before we leave it to you to listen to the rest.


"Suit And Jacket" by Judah & the Lion. 




"I ain't trading my youth for no suit and jacket"


If that's not the perfect summer lyric, we don't know what is. This song makes us think of those school holiday summers, where you refused to believe you'd ever have to grow up. What a feeling.



Enjoy the rest of the playlist here, and we'll see you next time. In what will probably be a cooler (brrr) In Our Headphones 😉






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