In Our Headphones: December 2017

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Welcome back to 'In Our Headphones' - the first of 2018.

Along with most of the post here in December 📨, we have to admit that this blog's a little late through the door! Although January's in full swing now, we hope you agree that there's just enough time to receive our December playlist.


You will see this song appear (just the once)...


Don't worry though, this is in no way a festive special! We checked out loads of other tunes in December too, that we can't wait to deliver to you.



First up, a taste of pedal steel guitar drenched folk-pop from First Aid Kit.



Their sweet melancholic vibes sung us through the daylight-stolen afternoons. There's something unusually wintery about this track, so it worked pretty well for the commute home as well. 


Next up, "Feel The Love Go" - Franz Ferdinand. 



This track packs a punch, and we turned the volume up to this one with a seasonal double-shot hot coffee in hand. Frosty windows? A car to shortly de-ice? Who cares when right now you're warm inside with good music.



Finally, we have Ten Fé's "Elodie," remixed by The Policy.



With more of a gentle pick-me-up flavour, we thought we'd sign things off with a track we switched on at the end of December. Dreaming of summer already perhaps.


 With that wrapping things up, you should be ready to check out the full playlist here:


Thanks for reading, or should we say listening?


Happy new year, and we'll see you next time!

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