In Our Headphones: December 2019

In Our Headphones: December 2019

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Hello everyone!


It’s the time of the month when we look back at the songs featuring In Our Headphones here at the office. While we usually highlight tracks from the past month, this time as a bonus, we thought to include some more decade-centered tracks for retrospect, with the end of the decade fast approaching.


This December, we listened to a lot of different tunes:


@Emil's monthly pick brings him nostalgic feelings of someone in his Friend Feed and the realization that no matter what we do, some things are outside of our control and que sera, sera:




@Melody was quite taken with the following track as her little one dances himself almost out of his highchair whenever it was on:




For @Allison_L , who just picked up roller blading, her top genre in 2019 was Dance Pop - all these songs make her happy and help her find her groove on 8 wheels:






@Katerina's monthly favorite resonated with her because of the haunting melody and the lyrics “When you think back on your life…And you look back over the course of your lifetime...It's gonna be I wish I spent more time with the people I love




As for the past decade, the tracks that we had in our headphones were as varied as ourselves:


For @Mario, the following track he first discovered in 2018 - it gave him the right vibe, lyrics and overall perspective to proceed on a year full of constant self-questioning and to actually help him find some answers:




@Petya's pick has been hyping her up whenever she needs to be in a good mood or during exercising, or at home. "I fell in love with it from the moment I heard it. Brings back memories from when I was a seasonal worker in Ibiza. That's the type of song that would be played at beach bars or the famous party hotel Ushuaïa."




Those are only some of our top picks - for the full list check out the In Our Headphones updated playlist:




We hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of In Our Headphones! We'd love to see your favorite tunes of the month or decade below 🙂


Until next time,

Happy Holidays!

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