In Our Headphones: December 2020



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Merry Christmas everyone!


We wish you lots of happiness, health and warm emotions 💃 🕺 🍀 🍾  


The holiday season is that time when music is all over more than ever, so let’s have a look at our team’s music selection for December. 


Starting off with a musical rediscovery by @Elena. She says that this month a lot of her old-favorite ska/punk tracks were on repeat, to the detriment of everyone living in close proximity to her 🤣 However, she’s having her holiday cheer with some merry Russian dudes singing nonsense:





Going on with @Katerina next. Her choice is a track that became popular through a trend on TikTok and makes her giggle every time. 





The next track is @Mario’s monthly selection. "Nothing much about this song, he says, other than the playfully careless happy-sad vibes and tones which got me pretty hooked on it. Might be an "end-of-the-year" mood." 





@Xenia’s track for December is among her favorite German songs. "It's got great lyrics that are almost philosophical, says she. I remember hearing it for the first time now nearly a decade ago but it could just as well have been written in 2020." 





Now let’s see what @Peter has to tell us about his choice. "Read My Mind is from The Killers' sophomore album, Sam's Town. I got the CD as a present when it came out in 2006. I've been revisiting some of the albums I have from that era (from artists such as Keane, Kasabian) - it's great to reinterpret them through the prism of "15 years later" and hear them differently." 





And now let’s see what @Mihail has for us: "Elton John has always been an artist that I enjoy a lot. I find the scope of his music really impressive. I feel his songs always express some deeply human emotion that I find easy to connect with. I think the vibe of his songs also fits really well with the Holiday season and I find myself playing his tunes more often at this time of year than any other." So here's the track: 




It was in his teenage years when @Emil discovered a video that used "Must Be Dreaming" from the artist Frou Frou and he was immediately hooked. "The lead singer of the band, Imogen Heap, moved on to a successful solo career and I continued to follow her throughout the years adoring her early albums. After the turn of the last decade, she started experimenting more with her sound and that didn't really appeal to me. So I was really happy when my Release Radar had this track in it, that really hearkens back to her earlier works." he said.  




My December track could be basically considered a summer song with its beach and sea context, but I accidentally got stuck with this all-time classic exactly now:




Hope you’ll enjoy the rest in the full playlist!