In Our Headphones: February 2018

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We're back again! Sorry we kept you waiting.



If you've been wondering what was In Our Headphones back in February, wonder no more 💚.

To set the scene, we'll let you know that Feburary offered us a diverse range of weather here. Some mornings we'd wake up with a small glimmer of Spring in the air. "Hello sunshine, it's good to see you again", we'd say gently with false hope 🌞.
Then came the rain ☔...
Then came the snow 🌨(and lots of it!)

Our playlist is a little like the weather we had, so get ready for an eclectic mix.

We'll start off with "Aura" by SG Lewis, ft. J Warner. Even if the sun didn't last most days, this track provided the perfect energy boost.


Next up, a soundtrack fit for stomping in puddles and shuffling through a sea of umbrellas on your lunch break. Let's take a listen to the busy, lo-fi, indie sounds of The Magic Gang. We loved this song in February, and it hasn't gotten old yet. Maybe it'll reappear in next month's playlist - who knows?



Finally, we're not quite done with those wintery acousitc vibes yet, so when the soft snow settled we had just the song.


"Souveneirs" by Kina Grannis is the perfect late afternoon wind down. With peaceful piano, honey glazed vocals, and heartfelt lyrics we couldn't say no hitting repeat every now and then.


If you're ready to check out the full playlist, that's perfect! Here it is:



See you next time,

spotify:track:703BT1NQsfIwPFv8MXQ47m:small ...of a post about pure sunshine for March's edition)