In Our Headphones: February 2019


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Hey everyone!


With March here, it's time to look back at the tunes that caught our attention in February and share them in our favorite monthly blog. 


Some of them were recommend by Spotify through radio stations or playlists like Discover Weekly, while others were inspired by concerts or movies that stayed with us. Other tracks returned to our headphones from the past, others accompanied us on our way to work or even, while working and others did their best to bring a smile on our faces.


Let's delve right in! For @Daisy, the contributions to this month's In Our Headphones playlist were an easy pick. Her first choice is all about childhood:




"When I was younger I would always listen to this album on the loudest volume. My parents were not happy with that. When this song came on I would sing along and that's when they would eventually tell me to be quiet. I came across it again recently and now I can't stop listening to it. I still sing along - only this time it's not my parents complaining, but my roommate." 


@Peter had the good fortune to see Tom Speight and Tom Odell live in concert in the Bulgarian capital's most iconic venue, namely the National Palace of Culture's Hall 1.


"I was really surprised to hear that Tom Odell would be visiting Sofia on his European tour, so I figured I should check him out. I wasn't a big Tom Odell fan at the time, and I'd only listened to the odd Tom Speight song when shuffling through music on Spotify, so I didn't have high expectations from either. Both of them gave phenomenal performances, and I've been digging into their respective back catalogues on Spotify ever since. While Tom Odell already has three albums under his belt, his namesake is just getting started, with his debut album coming out in April. Good things are surely in store for the young singer-songwriter."


Hence, it's not surprising his top tunes for February were inspired by seeing them in action:






If you're curious what else made it to our headphones this past February, worry no more. Here's the full playlist for you to enjoy:




Some great tunes heard around the office are included :) 


Don't forget to let us know in a comment below about the tunes that made it to your headphones in February. 


As a bonus, we'll leave you with this great track from the lovely @rgmk2spotify:track:3oBbsA0Etxg0doF0b4nrd0


And that's a wrap. See you all next month!


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