In Our Headphones: February 2020




Hey all,


Hello everyone!


This month I have the honor to write In Our Headphones for the first time, so I’m excited by both the challenge to complete my task and the unique chance to explore my teammates’ musical taste. 


The party starts with a dancy warm-up suggested by @Kate, perfectly combining powerful dance beats with meaningful lyrics. In her own words “To be honest I didn't listen to lots of music this month, so I ended up checking my Release Radar out (which I rarely do), and found this. Galantis is a really good artist so I gave it a listen, liked it and the rest, as they say, is history.” 




Following is @Petya’s choice. Superfresh vibe with an important message, it just happened to be that Petya’s most played track for February also belongs to my Liked Songs. 




Next up is @Peter's monthly favorite track. He says: "I've only briefly been a passenger on The 1975 bandwagon, but I've been enjoying the trippy ride through the unpolished landscape of Matty Healy's mind with each new single from their upcoming album, “Notes On A Conditional Form”. My favourite ones to come out so far are “Frail State of Mind” and my current favourite, “The Birthday Party”, with its collage of embarrassing situations undercut by moments of deep sincerity." 




Now to my pick, which I’ve been listening to on repeat for the last few months - an unconventional track by Kylie Minogue. I’ve always been surprised how pop artists manage to outperform in a not-their-own genre. A perfect example is this cabaret-jazz track from Kylie, originally written by the band Kish Mauve.  




We continue with @Guido’s contribution to heat it up with some horrorcore. He says himself that this track "...mixes hip-hop, metal and horror in a lovely way. Easily one of my favorite acts." And his choice is easily understandable. 




While still on the dark side, let me also present to you an industrial gem recommended by @Xenia: “Guess I just love the energy of that song, it's the perfect track to walk home through the cold wind and shining city lights after work.” 




@Mario’s choice is bringing us back to one of the cult bands from the 90’s. You can feel that atmosphere in his own words:I like this song because it paints a beautifully bitter-sweet as well as personally realistic picture of what romantic love has felt like. I can identify both with the author of the lyrics and with the person being addressed in them.”




And welcome to our club’s chill out zone with @Emil’s monthly choice. Resembling the popular sample from Portishead’s “Glory box, this song has its own distinct originality and atmosphere. “Got this sent by a friend of mine and it immediately clicked with my music taste. Reminds me of something Wax Tailor or Chinese Man could've produced. It also has that "sexy" sound to it. Just makes you wanna grab a partner and dance.”, Emil says.  




If you're curious what else made it to our headphones this past February, worry no more. Here's the full playlist for you to enjoy:




Don't forget to let us know in a comment below about the tunes that made it to your headphones in February. See you all next month! 


You nailed it @Ivan - congrats on your first In Our Headphones!


I had 'Stack It Up' stuck in my head for a while, it's a very catchy pop song - it was written by Ed Sheeran, after all 😉


As a side-note, I have reason to believe the song's an out-take from Ed Sheeran's most recent album, but this is just pure speculation on my part.


Thanks, @Peter


I never knew this fact, but I had the Ed Sheeran-feeling since the moment I heard it for the first time 😁 It's kinda noticeable in the vocal style of Liam. 

Rock Star 12
Rock Star 12

You guys have such a great music taste hahaha.


I only listened to Liam's song now (I used to be a big fan during One Direction) and it definitely has an Ed Sheeran feeling, that's really catchy.




Hey @Ivan


Well done homie, I enjoyed reading this!


Happy to see you here and growing 🙂


Hey @Ivan, thumbs up on your first article in the Community! 

@Peter, I had no idea Ed Sheeran was responsible for the lyrics of that song - awesome 🙂 This is truly one of my favourite songs. Hypes me up, especially when I'm at work 😄


Thanks @Petya@Brunelicia and @Mario,


I totally enjoyed working on the article and I'm so glad you like it! 


I hope I'll write again soon. 📯 🎼  

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Rock Star 23

Great article @Ivan. And also great music selection this month.


Very eclectic for sure!