In Our Headphones: January 2020




Hey all,


As the new year has started and moved so fast, the time has come to stop for a minute and look back at what was In Our Headphones this month here at the office.


You'll find an interesting, stimulating diversity in this selection. Check it below:


As an opening, here's this instrumental suggested by @Katerina. In her own words, 'epic' and 'super-inspiring'. I can easily see 'how' as I listen to the song and let it broaden my mind and perspective.




Next up and after something to help the mind step beyond its boundaries, here's a song that will help your heart do the same. @Xenia's pick is, in fact, all about the devotion and acceptance one can feel as the result of helplessly falling in love.


After all, to let someone touch your heart, you'll have to let them under your skin.


The production and overall atmosphere of the song deserve a special mention here.




Following, another female artist and some more beautiful vocals suggested by @Ivan: he praises AURORA's music influences and performance skills, which made him feel like this artist is a good deal. I also find this song pretty catchy on the grounds of its very good production and atmosphere.




For our third female artist in the list, here's a raw gem brought up by @Peter:

as a matter of fact, this song will come across as 'raw' if you compare it to the complexity and layers of production characterizing the previous three.


In Peter's words, “acoustic versions of pop songs can be quite hit-and-miss. When done right, though, an artist is able to strip down the song to its bare parts without losing any of its magic in the process. In this version, Kissing Other People, reveals an altogether more vulnerable side to Lennon Stella's songwriting which really hits me every time I hear it"




Now, since 'diversity' was mentioned in the beginning of this post, the time has come for some heavier sounds and for @Emil's suggestion to steal the spotlight.

Like he pointed out, when it comes to this song, we're presented with some strong words from the former front-man of House of Pain.


Emil also said that "as a whole, I'm not even sure if the song is uplifting and motivating or melancholic and sad. Probably the mixture is what makes me enjoy it so much".


In my opinion, like this song, life is all of that: a path characterized by experiences which will lift you up and bring you down so that, if you're not afraid, you can fully enjoy the ride for whatever it'll be like.




Next in line, another powerful instrumental. It will also help us broaden our perception.


But, as opposed to the first instrumental (and fist song) featured in the list, this will take us to a dark place deep-down inside us where we can feel a certain type of energy.


I bet @Guido  had something along these lines in mind when he suggested this song, which has now become one of my current favorites.




Last (and definitely not least), my very own suggestion.


I'll just say that, with the music I shared in my New Year Resolution post, I wanted people to feel inspired.


With this one, I want you to feel the adrenaline.

To quote the song, "I know you feel the adrenaline".




If you're curious about what the full list of our picks for this month looks like, check the In Our Headphones updated playlist:




Hope you’ve enjoyed this moment with 'In Our Headphones'! Post your favorite tunes for the month in the comments below if you'd like to share some more awesomeness 🙂


For now, wishing you a great one!


Great selection of tracks @Mario  😃


Thanks @Katerina, much appreciated 😄


Hey Spotify. Where is the January 2020 Idea Review at? 



I really liked this playlists and I think I hope you like it