In Our Headphones: January 2021 (Stars and Community Team Desert Island Discs edition)

In Our Headphones: January 2021 (Stars and Community Team Desert Island Discs edition)


Hey Community 🙂


Just answer: how many of you have - at least once - fantasized about finding themselves in a desert island?


Speaking of which, how many of you remember our Desert Island Discs inspired Blog by @Peter ? Along the lines of what happens in the super-famous Desert Island Discs show and to follow up on the first edition of our Blog, we’re now back with a part 2. 


Last time, we decided to ask each one of our Community Staff and Moderator team members to choose one record - a single - they would bring with them to the island. Just like last time, we’ve posted and written down a few words from everybody regarding their choices (amazing selection and personal words there!). But this time, we thought it’d be great to also see our Community Rock Stars’ choices in the comments...


Therefore, welcome to our Stars and Community Team Desert Island Discs (s/o @Melody  for the title)!


So Stars (and everybody keen on the game if you’d like!), please answer: 

What song would you be listening to on repeat if you ended up on a desert island?


In the meantime, here’s our Community Team picks:  




It strikes me the vibes of chilling on a desert island free of concerns, enjoying the weather, the sea, and the sound of the breeze.

It's my fave song by my fave band and I've loved it for about 10 years now without ever getting tired of it. It's also 9 minutes long and changes its tempo a few times, so it's like a few songs in one. The perfect track if you're stranded on an island. 





A really nice song which brings me good memories. Also, I think it'd be a perfect match with the sound of waves and the wind.

My choice would fall on this song since it sounds cosmic, the lyrics are a bit sad and lonely, the electronic beats are hypnotic. First time I was playing this on repeat was on a mixtape in my walkman back in the old days, so it still sounds good to me for a desert island pick.





This song always comes back to me. It always brings me happiness and motivation in life. The song is just a whole mode for me and I never get tired of listening to it.

Two years later and I’d still stick with my previous choice. The story-conjuring melody has not lost its appeal at all and the fact that it doesn’t contain any lyrics makes it ideal for repeat-ability purposes.





My song of choice for the desert island is my favorite one from Iggy Pop. It's really uplifting and given the fact that I'm for sure a Goner on a desert island - it would help me gaze at the stars and find the beauty in the whole situation. If I had a bottle of rum like Jack Sparrow that would also fit the mood perfectly and I'm sure Iggy would appreciate it. 

Ending up on a desert island would be a really crazy situation and this is a song i love, so it would definitely cheer me up and make me sing it out loud every time.





I was cast away on the island a couple years ago with a track by a band that was with me throughout my pre-teen years. I was met on the other side of adolescence by Ed Sheeran, whose music became a trusty musical companion and set me on a whole new trajectory of music discovery. His second album, Multiply, holds a special place in my heart..

It's from an album that was released the same year I was born and I've been listening to it all my life and won't get tired of hearing it. There are many cover versions of the track, which I all enjoy, but the original still holds a special place in my heart.




I'm sure everyone had a hard time picking ONE song to listen on repeat for basically forever. My pick is somewhat nostalgic and melancholic, feelings I'm sure will be evoked on a lonely island. However, the melody overall is quite uplifting. The song is also pretty long and it varies throughout, so hopefully I won't get sick of it too fast.

I just love the chilling vibes of this song. This is actually my jam every time I go to the beach. Perfect to lay down and have a great time staring at the sunset. 





If you're stuck listening to 1 thing on repeat then it needs to be long - tick. It needs to cater for lots of different emotions - tick. It needs to give your mind stimulation, yet space to explore - tick. This track could be written about the dawn of time, "The echo of a distant time... comes willowing across the sand." And I'd imagine sitting on a desert island on your own you'd be doing some pretty deep soul searching, looking both inward and outward, "And no one sings me lullabies, and no one makes me close my eyes, so I throw the windows wide, and call to you across the sky." It has slow dreamy moments to wallow and reflect in, a weird electronic ambient soundscape to go desert island out of your mind in, and then a foot stomping beat to get physical with!

I've been asked this question a few times, and I think my answer remains unchanged! This song reminds me of my childhood as it was my dad's favourite and we always had it on repeat. I later learnt it on guitar and now my 2 year old dances round the kitchen with me to it!



If I were somewhere like that, besides trying to survive, I would take the time to be listening to this song a lot.

I would listen to it and just reflect on my life and human journey ...

alone in a paradise that might or might not make me think of two 😁


Rock Star 24
Rock Star 24

My pick is "Find an Island" by BENEE




If I were trapped on an island I would probably want to be rescued but I would enjoy the peace and quiet for some time first. This song fits that vibe.

Rock Star 24
Rock Star 24

My pick is "With or Without You" by U2.


I like it because of the beat and it just makes me remain peaceful and that everything will be okay 🙂 

Rock Star 7
Rock Star 7

I think that my pick for the song that I would take with me on a desert island is Phish’s “Tweezer” from their concert on 2/28/2003 in Uniondale, New York:


Phish is my current favorite band, and this live version of “Tweezer” is probably my current favorite song of theirs on Spotify. The jamming evolves considerably over the course of this 27-minute track, such that with each listen, I would likely be able to appreciate different improvisational phases and interactions between the instruments.


Dominik Klein "Borders"



Saul Williams 


One of the few albums that I can listen to from start too finish without having to skip. Melodic beats, slam poetry mixed with his rapping style is an awesome hit for me!


i would pick the Oogie Boogie's Song by Voiceplay, it's a cover of the original song from the movie Nightmare before Christmas.

The first time i heard it i listened to it on repeat for 2 days straight and i only stopped out of pure willpower, I hope everybody enjoys it as much as I did