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In Our Headphones

In Our Headphones - January '24 πŸŽ§πŸŽ‰


Hey folks!


Winter times are cold but overhead headphones are a great substitute for ear muffs! And they also play music.
With this in mind, it's also time to kick off our first IOH blog of 2024!



This time around, I'd like to start with a guitar riff intro. It's a cover of a favorite tune of mine and, although the original can hardly ever be compared to, this cover is so well made that I just had to share it:

So nice. I'd like to be able to cover it myself one day πŸ˜„
And, after this brief intro, strap yourselves in and prepare to delve into the deep pits of heavy music as we transition into @Joan's submissions for this month! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ


I've been on a real sci-fi mood this month, full of discovery as well! I first checked out the album RAT WARS by California-based band HEALTH. I discovered their song Demigods by accident back in December and got addicted to it right away. I finally got around to listening to the full album that it's from. And holy moly, I didn't expect to get my mind blown this hard! A mixture of industrial, techno, metal and more, the album is both dark and brooding, while also being disgustingly catchy and danceable. Some tracks sound like the beating heart of some evil machine in the depths of hell, others are straight out of some cyberpunk nightclub. And just when you think you've heard it all, they hit you with a church organ and acoustic guitars. I can't get enough of these songs and I fear they might have derailed my entire Wrapped already.


Likewise I also checked out the new album Digital Afterlife by my favourite freaky duo Bone Cult. These guys never disappoint and never cease to impress me with their genre-defying music. Even more diverse than HEALTH, also very dark and atmospheric, but very melodic and catchy too, this record is yet another banger under BC's belts. I can only wish more success on these guys.


And finally, I've been discovering this new musical movement called cyberpunk midtempo. It's essentially an offshoot of the darksynth genre, characterized by slower, dredging rhythms and dense atmosphere. So far, Vector Seven is my go-to guy and the absolute gold standard for this style. It's incredibly catchy and can be both pumping or relaxing depending on the context. I also love how he references specific sci-fi franchises and helps immerse you in their worlds. Absolutely preem.


Thanks so much, Yoan! So many songs, you had been hyped πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜

And, by the way, to move things around a little bit, I'm going to hurl you into Captain Marvel (a.k.a. Brie Larson) singing a song. Scott Pilgrim anyone? Here's this month's submission from @MihailY πŸ˜„

And, while we're at it with the movie-themed musical choices - here's the one from @Xenia!


I’ve not watched any new movies in the past couple of years, so lately I’ve been catching up with whatever I missed in the last 2 years and that song immediately became a favourite. It’s great to listen to at max volume and goes really well with the scene in the movie.

Thanks Misho and thank you Xenia! These were indeed slightly different than the previous songs πŸ˜„
And, speaking of different, check out the submission we have from our lovely @Maria!


I was watching a Swedish comedy show the other week, and out of nowhere one of the characters began scream-singing this song out loud in a library. I haven't stopped laughing nor gotten this song out of my head since

Thank you, Mima! And going forward, we can switch things up even more!

Here's this month's tunes, submitted by @Kiril!

Thanks a lot, Kiro! Those were good! 
And when I say good, I can't help but remember our good friend @Lyubka, who's having some off time for good reasons πŸ˜„ She didn't go do her things before adding her submissions for this month's blog though, so now we have the lovely chance to hear them out!


This song really touched my heart. I've been listening to it all month. Not only the lyrics, but the beat is awesome and affect you on a deeper level.


Not much is needed to be said about this one here ⬆, it's just really nice techno mix that I have on repeat all month 😁😁

Thank you, Lyubka! We wish you all the best things in the world πŸ’Œ
And, to nicely finish things up this month, here's the submission from one of our newest mods - @Ivelina! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

My absolutely favorite song for the month and year so far. Thank you once again TikTok (πŸ˜‚) for showing me this one. And may I add, this is the better version with Usher! This one I played to myself when I was searching for a country to visit where there's endless Summer and I started contemplating if I wanted to buy a house and move to Tenerife.. πŸ˜„


Thank you, Ive! I most certainly did not expect this to be K-Pop but I can definitely say I'm not mad that it is πŸ˜„
And with this twist of events, it's time to wrap up this month's edition of the blog! I appreciate you, folks! Till next time 🎢❀️

The full playlist is available here: