In Our Headphones: July/August 2019






Hey folks,


Happy September! In Our Headphones was away on a short summer break, but rest assured that we kept our headphones firmly on throughout July and August. We’re as eager as ever to share what’s been in them with our beloved Community, so let's get right into it 🙂


First off, @Daisy's picks contain a mixture of the new and the nostalgic. Regarding the former, she says: “I'm a pretty big fan of Lady Antebellum and somehow I only found out about this song a few weeks ago. Kinda weird, since I know almost all of their songs. I've been listening to this on repeat because I like it so much.” As for the latter, it’s “an oldie that I used to listen to, kinda forgot about it but somehow it found its way back into my headphones.”






Meanwhile, largely unfazed by the seismic shockwaves that the (pre-)release of Taylor Swift’s new album has caused throughout the summer, @Peter has been quietly jamming to a few (relatively speaking) lower-key pop acts. Worth a special mention in his eyes(/ears) are catchy new singles from Charlie Puth, Lauv (feat. Anne-Marie) and Sam Smith, who finds a whole new level of confidence in his self-expression through dance in the music video. The song on its own is well worth a listen, not least for the drop at 1:20:




@Shanta, who along with @Katerina was at this year’s Rock Star Jam, grew up listening to all kinds of rock and indie, but has been a hip-hop junkie for a solid few years. “My music taste is flowing into a weird mix of it all nowadays; alternative RnB has become food for my soul.” She’s also a sucker for a good beat and, in her words, “MAMI by Cherrie is the finest RnB straight outta Stockholm - check it out, you won’t regret it”:




And finally, @Katerina wants to give a shout-out to @Jemi for this track from June’s edition of In Our Headphones, which she says is “stuck on repeat in my head” and which, with its “moody orchestral tune”, is a truly excellent pick - if she does say so herself:




And that’s a wrap! You can check out the playlist in its entirety below:




See you in the Autumn! In the meantime, stay awesome 😉

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This is great! Thanks @Peter 🎉


@Daisy great picks! Good mix of classics and new hits - I'm a fan!

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