In Our Headphones: June 2020





Oh, hey there!


Here we are at the halfway point of the year already. As per tradition, we’re checking in with our Community Moderator team for a retrospective of the tracks that have been keeping us company as we remain apart together, joined by the music that’s been filling our ears (and perhaps also those of our unwilling neighbours) over the course of the last lunar cycle.


First up is @Elena. Over the past month, she's been hooked on a band who just recently put out their full-length debut. She says of Cool Den’s music: “It’s super energizing and uplifting with a touch (or perhaps a bit more than a touch) of tongue-in-cheek comedy”. She’s had the entire album on repeat, but this one song stood out for her in particular:




Meanwhile, @Katerina's been busy vibing along to some of pop music’s women of the moment, including Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa. Gaga’s ‘Sine From Above’ is one of Kate’s favourites off the new album, 'Chromatica': “It's a very fun collaboration with Elton John that brings me strong Eurovision vibes and makes me miss Eurovision even more”. 




@Mario stumbled upon ‘2000 Seasons’ while casually listening to a Radio playlist. Aside from “the incredibly catchy beat … running on a wonderfully paced rhythm”, it’s the lyrics that resonated with him the most:


The world they think is run by laws

[...] is run by men who use laws for tools

No excuses see, life's dilemmas are set up like a mirror

Just to show you all your faces

Now your understanding is clearer


“I’ve kept listening to it because it is a conscious manifestation of the need to be questioning our own actions in the pursuit of a real sense of - and space for - humanity,” explains Mario. “Such a pursuit sounds like a real life dilemma, doesn’t it?” Mario never shies away from the big questions, and frankly nor does this song by Talib Kweli:




@Petya has been listening to Kygo “again” (her words, not ours), but don’t be fooled, for her selection is a carefully considered one: “The songs I've picked are about freedom and not settling down just because that's what society would expect of you. Kygo's music always gives me a feeling of hope to strive for something better and enjoy life”.




One of @Xenia's top choices is a track from a favourite band of hers. Fun fact about the track: “The guitar playing is supposedly influenced by Paul McCartney's bass lines. So if you feel reminded of the Beatles while listening to it, this might explain why”. Can you guess which one she’s talking about? No pressure 😉


And finally, @Ivan has been discovering some old classics: “Even though I've been following most trip-hop bands for many years, I found out just recently that Moloko’s first two albums are incredibly good!" A mark of that particular musical era, both offer a "colorful mixture of drum’n’bass, jazz, funk and Bristol trip-hop”. Here's just a taste:




Oh, did I hear you wondering what @Peter's been listening to? Well, if I must, but on this occasion I’ll let the music speak for itself:



As ever, here’s the playlist in full for your delectation:


What was your anthem for the month of June? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below 😉


Enjoy, take it easy, and until next time!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Nice, loved reading this @Peter 🥳


Been waiting for another one of your IOHs. The wait was definitely worthwhile 🙂


Haha, thanks fam 💚

Rising Star 20
Rising Star 20

It’s great to hear about what you’ve all been listening to last month!


According to, my most listened-to track for the month of June was “Endless Drifting Wreck” by Farflung