In Our Headphones - June

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Welcome back to In Our Headphones. Your monthly VIP pass into the listening habits of some of our Spotify staff! 


First up I want go back a couple of years to a hidden gem - Touch and Go by Ed Sheeran.





This song was released on Ed Sheeran's special edition of Multiply - x (Wembley Edition). I'm not sure why the track didn't make the original album, because it sounds just like old school Ed. I love it - check it out!


Heading even further back to a time of guitar solos and fade outs, we have Uncle Remus by Frank Zappa




The song was written to send a message against racism. Specifically, racism towards African Americans in the 70s. I don't know much about Frank Zappa, but he's an incredible composer. This is a rabbit hole worth diving into.


Lastly, we have a little something from present day - Stampede by Alexander Jean 





I would best describe this as folk music with a punch. The only way to fully understand what I mean is to give it a listen!


That's our top 3, but there's plenty more! Here's the full playlist: 




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