In Our Headphones: March 2020



Hey everyone!


I think it’s fair to say that the past month has been one like no other before and just like you, we can't quite believe all this is happening either. We hope everybody is managing ok during these unprecedented and quite surreal times. Because of that, today we're going to explore how recent events have impacted our listening habits.  


So let's kick things off with what @Katerina’s been listening to. With everything that’s been going on lately, she’s chosen some epic sounds for her March playlist with tracks that range from motivating instrumentals to epic remakes of popular songs. In her own words, "they all sound like they belong in a movie trailer for an upcoming adventure movie." Take a listen:




Next up is @Elena, who picked 3am by Halsey because that’s the last artist she saw live before the current situation started. "I like reminiscing over the great performance and especially the reaction of the crowd to this track. Never seen people cheer so much!" 




My song of choice is an old favorite of mine that I recently rediscovered on a corona themed playlist a friend shared with me. I guess it was included because of its title. Here it is:




Heading even further back in time is @Ivan: "Lamb was my favorite music project during my teenage years and this song is my all time favorite. It was written before they developed their electronic sound and still belongs to their jazzier period." 




@Mario reveals his number 1 preference, which has been the top one of his On Repeat playlist for a while now. "I've been in love with the song's essentially stripped and deeply touching atmosphere, which - in my opinion - remarkably combines with Bonnie Fraser's raw yet delicate voice to create a message and a feeling which will likely resonate with your core." See what you think:




A Bulgarian music podcast introduced @Emil to one of his picks for the month. "I love piano as an instrument and this tune combined with the ethereal voice of Hania Rani immediately clicked with me. Surreal, tranquil, melodic, melancholic. That was the right song at the right moment of time for me."



@Petya fell in love with a song she only found yesterday on a Radio generated playlist from a song one of our Rock Stars sent her - "pure gem!"



Finally, to wrap it all up, let's have a look at @Peter's choice. He picked a song by Jacob Collier - a great artist, who "is not only a musical genius, but he also knows how to get his groove on. His cover of Lionel Richie's 'All Night Long' is groovy and then some." Check it out:



That's just a few of our top picks, but there's plenty more! Here's the full playlist:




Until next time - stay home, stay safe!


Super, @Xenia


I agree the times are quite surreal indeed. And I admire your choice of track which is also a favorite of mine. 


Great article. 


well done @Xenia , genuinely nice to read 🙂


@Ivan , the moment I saw "Lamb" so much came back to mind, lol. Great project.


Thanks guys!

I really enjoyed writing this blog and listening to your favorite songs - some of which have now also become favorites of my own 🎧💕

Rock Star 16
Rock Star 16

I'll take the credit for @Petya's recommendation 😎

Love @Elena's ❤️ Halsey - Would love to see her live.



@Emil , what a beautiful choice. A peacufully haunting melody from the piano with a gorgeous voice to match!