In Our Headphones: May 2017

In Our Headphones: May 2017

Community Manager
Community Manager

Happy Friday folks!


The month of May feels just like yesterday, but the songs we enjoyed are here to stay.


What we need to know today, is are you ready to dance away?


Alright then, we hear you say OK! So let's get 'In Our Headphones' underway.



In Our Headphones: May 2017

May brought us sunshine, it brought us rain, it brought us vest tops, oh and then umbrellas again. But, what May also brought us was a whole bunch of musical goodness to leak through our headphones. The songs that surfaced throughout the month were so good, that they even ended up spilling out of the office speakers - week after week. We thought it was only fair to share these sweet tunes with you, so once again we're here to let you in on a little 'not so secret' secret with In Our Headphones.


In Our Headphones is all about the music, so let's start with just that.




The first two offerings we thought we'd showcase are:


"All My Friends" - Dermot Kennedy
"Adieu" -What So Not


From heavy-hearted gravelly folk, to synths, drops, and cutting, fresh EDM vibes. Here you'll see the brilliant variation that filled the office walls. Swooping around tangled wires, engulfing the tapping sounds of keyboards, replacing the chiming of stirred-tea, and encouraging the singing of the office karaoke star.

There's never a dull moment here, and with such a great office playlist it's not surprising. 







After these treats, we're thinking of making a new sign for the door.

Warning!!! - Dancing around the desks expected.


There's too many for us to sing about, so we'll leave the listening/foot tapping/swaying to you from here 😉


Until next time!








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Community Manager

Hey @ItzChoks,


We hope you don't mind the reply in English.


It sounds like this is one our Support folks can help with.

We'd recommend reaching out to them one of the below ways:

1. Email -

2. Twitter -

3. Facebook -

They'll also be able to provide support in Spanish 🙂


All the best,



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Music Fan
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I have a new playlist for Rock n' Roll lover! Please follow! Thank you so much! 🙂

Rock Star 14
Rock Star 14

Well now it's July and I found a Thread about your Favourite song in this moment and this is the Playlist that resulted from it so far, pretty mixed, I hope you enjoy it!!!




Looking to reach people Spotify playlist curators for Rock / Alt  Rock, Hard Rock, playlists in Canada, UK, and the USA.


I have reputable acts, some are signed or have a deep pedigree.  





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For the trending urban afrobeats songs and hot songs out of Africa and Nigeria, hit play and follow this playlist!!!


Everyone please follow and add to your playlist!


Add my song to your playlist and I'll do the same as well as listen to everyday

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Great playlists, please check these songs and don't forget to follow



 I think you guys would really enjoy this album in your headphones in and I will bet you each a dollar that it will get you up and dancing for second at least once even maybe just shaking your **bleep** in your chair you’ll you’ll get ruined in it sounds atmospheric in good headphones or in the car.  I just wanted to let you know that it’s actually an unfinished album supposed to have a female vocalist/guitarist kind a like a mix between Ed Sheeran you and EDM/rap but she backed out at the last minute either that was trying to just leave out in eights on EP so we could go on a European tour but she wanted more creative input only she was working remotely from the UK and I said that I’m definitely OK with that but we can’t do that remotely it’s too difficult in the tracks are written in we need to just get these vocals and guitar on so we can go on tour. I didn’t have the money at the time to hire a studio musician but oh me and with that soon rate with the female vocalist of the guitar acoustic and what a great show that would be with a live drummer a DJ or female vocalist those tracks in maybe an MC every now and hype the crowd yeah Europe would love that! Calling acoustic guitar female vocalists in the more folk/Marian Hill/Porter said Jean route if you want to do something hit me up





Hi everyone, go listen to the new independent RnB/Pop/Hiphop Artist, Lil Truth. 

He makes lyrical energetic music.

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Hello, this is my new single one, I think your playlist is cool, and this single may fit it. Would you like to have a go and give me some feedback? I will love to hear something from you

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Looks good. I'll check it out in our office now. I'll return the favor and share my ongoing office/cocktail party/general socializing playlist here:

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Hi, I have some new music, if you dig it, feel free to add to your cool playlists

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Hi! check this out! hope you enjoy this songs.


this one have a very sad/emotional vibe;


this is an "Avenged Sevenfold - A little piece of heaven" alternative trap version:


this is a hard 808 type joint;


this two songs have a urban party vibe like J Balvin, Ozuna or another Reggaeton artists;


this three are spanish/italian, spanish/french, spanish/american featurings on hard trap beats:


if u have enjoyed any of this songs u should follow her profile on Spotify!




Thank you