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In Our Headphones: May 2017

Community Manager
Community Manager

Happy Friday folks!


The month of May feels just like yesterday, but the songs we enjoyed are here to stay.


What we need to know today, is are you ready to dance away?


Alright then, we hear you say OK! So let's get 'In Our Headphones' underway.



In Our Headphones: May 2017

May brought us sunshine, it brought us rain, it brought us vest tops, oh and then umbrellas again. But, what May also brought us was a whole bunch of musical goodness to leak through our headphones. The songs that surfaced throughout the month were so good, that they even ended up spilling out of the office speakers - week after week. We thought it was only fair to share these sweet tunes with you, so once again we're here to let you in on a little 'not so secret' secret with In Our Headphones.


In Our Headphones is all about the music, so let's start with just that.




The first two offerings we thought we'd showcase are:


"All My Friends" - Dermot Kennedy
"Adieu" -What So Not


From heavy-hearted gravelly folk, to synths, drops, and cutting, fresh EDM vibes. Here you'll see the brilliant variation that filled the office walls. Swooping around tangled wires, engulfing the tapping sounds of keyboards, replacing the chiming of stirred-tea, and encouraging the singing of the office karaoke star.

There's never a dull moment here, and with such a great office playlist it's not surprising. 







After these treats, we're thinking of making a new sign for the door.

Warning!!! - Dancing around the desks expected.


There's too many for us to sing about, so we'll leave the listening/foot tapping/swaying to you from here 😉


Until next time!







Community Legend

Any plans to update this playlist??

Music Fan

Hey! I just made a playlist with new/unknown music 

Follow me and I'll follow you back for sure 🙂



May... We are of middle of may and i can´t stop to lisent 





Gig Goer

Hi! There is my new album of Spanish Latin pop covers:

I hope you like it 😅👌🏻

Gig Goer

Trying to reach out to more oldies lovers. Follow this playlist if you enjoy the 70s, 80s, and 90s music. Also taking suggestions for more songs to add!




Music Fan



Es posible que las canciones que conformamos en una "Playlist" puedan estar en órden alfabético?

Es más fácil para hacer un chequeo de nuestras Playlist y ver que no hayan archivos repetidos




Rock Star 14
Rock Star 14

Hola @GASURE1 seleccionaste un lugar poco adecuado para tu pregunta pero afortunadamente me encontré con ella. 


Si es posible tanto desde tu ordenador como desde tumulto celular, aquí no me es posible agregar screen shot pero te explico.


Desde el a Playlist baja la pantalla hasta que aparezca la línea de búsqueda para filtrar canciones, del lado derecho de esta barra abajo de los tres puntos verás tres libras horizontales como renglones, selecciónalas y verás el menú para ordenar tus canciones en cuatro distintas opciones la segunda Titulo sería la que estas buscando, la tercera es artista (igual alfabéticamente claro), la última es la que más uso porque verás las canciones recientemente agregadas y la primera te permite mover las canciones y ponerlas en el orden que tu quieras.


Saludus y espero que mi explicación sea clara.

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Hello all! recently put together some of my favourite piano tracks, feel free to check it out and follow if you like it, i'll follow you back if you follow mine :)!

Casual Listener

Hii guys here I share you a pretty good playlist. Could you help me to reach the 1500 followers? thx


 For the fall check my playlist for mellow Hip Hop and Rnb, mixed with unknown and popular artists. Please follow for weekly updates! 



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Hey thanks for that load of awesomeness.. It's awesome. It was all new to me.. But I enjoyed and am glad I took the risk to press play.. But am not the one not to avenge. And here is a whole playlist featuring Various artists,none you've heard before.. Just be sure to have fun😉


Gig Goer

Thank you for the playlists Melody! I really loved Sucker Punch on the In Our Headphones. Best of luck with them. I'll be listening. 

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I haven't got a playlist - But I've fallen in love with these tunes from these New Zealand artists
You may enjoy the tracks - Have a great day! 

Casual Listener

Why can’t I get “A Man” by Travis Scott?

Music Fan