In Our Headphones: May 2020


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Hi folks!


I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. When we first started collecting the songs in the playlist we noticed a vague and unintentional trend with the names of some of the tracks and the effects that the stay at home measures have had on us. Keep reading to see exactly what I mean.


Starting off with @Katerina's songs with the names ‘’Solo’’ and ‘’Home’’. But in contrast with their titles both of them are high tempo and super upbeat. Even Kate herself said that she almost missed saving ‘’Solo’’ because she was too busy dancing along in her chair. And honestly - same!



Next we have a song called ‘’People’’ added by @Xenia. Another funky track but with a nostalgic twist. Not only with its 90's synth vibes but personally for Xenia as the song is in the intro of an anime she used to watch.



And from the past we head straight to the future with @Ivan's choice of ‘’Venus Fly’’. I was so happy to see that song in the playlist, since it’s also one of my favorites. I have to agree with Ivan 110% when he says that: ‘’I love the futuristic cyberpunk aesthetics that Grimes incorporates in her videos in order to make us feel not only the surreal PC-game-like atmosphere she creates, but also the deep philosophical messages hidden in her music.’’



Reeling it back to the present is my song by Sofi Tukker . These folks have been having an online rave everyday since this all began and it’s been amazing to watch and listen. Their positive mood is contagious in the best way possible!



Another song by two lovely artists is @Petya's pick for the month. She says that she likes ‘’the combination of Halsey's voice and Marshmello's music’’. She mainly picked the songs for this month by ‘’liking the music a lot, the lyrics are a bonus if they happen to match up a life situation or my view on something but don't have to’’.



Keeping our spirits high we can go on to @Emil's pick for the month. In his own words - ‘’Pure. Funk. Goodness. The beat makes you move along, resistance is futile and the vocals are absolutely unique. Also, they recorded a version of that in a random house with everyone cramped together in one corridor. Unthinkable now! Check the vid out!’’ 



Coming up next is @Peter's song. He got reminded of this track because he recently re-watched The OA on Netflix. If you haven’t seen the show I hope that Pete’s explanation: ‘’an other-worldly series with a top-notch soundtrack’’ will get you on board. He also adds that he ''was just in the middle of compiling a trip-hop-inspired playlist when I heard the track 'Full Circle' - it was the perfect addition to the vibe I had going with other artists like Låpsley, London Grammar, and Mansionair.’’



I wanted to finish things off with @Mario's pick. I think Mario put it so well when he said: ‘’What’s made me connect meaning-wise is this sense of bitter-sweet acceptance of one's (not necessarily easy) circumstances as well as the apparently careless but actually thoughtful approach towards realizing that life can be good if you live it at your own pace, with all the highs and the lows. Music content-wise, I've loved the song for its lo-fi, wisely sampled-based very catchy groove as well as Mike's flow.’’



That’s all from us for this month folks. You can find the full playlist we created below.



P.S Inspired by some of the names of the songs we chose, I have a secret message for you here.


nice one @Elena 😄


Great job, @Elena !👏