In Our Headphones: May 2021

In Our Headphones: May 2021




Hey folks, 


As Summer starts knocking on our doors, we've collected another bouquet of tunes to jam to this month! The selection of songs is quite chill and up-beat. Perfect for that weekend ride to a new destination. 


The songs vary in style and there is a big chance you'll discover your new favorite band. So strap your seatbelts on and lets jump in!


First up we've got @Ivan with Only Shallow from my bloody valentine.

"This month I rediscovered the shoegaze genre by listening to some old-school classics. The second slot in my On Repeat playlist is taken by this track by My Bloody Valentine, considered to be one of the bands pioneering in this movement. I love how the guitars sound similar to the noises made by elephants, and I wonder if this is intentional or not." 

His next suggestions are:

Belgium in the Rain by Hooverphonic 

and Caligula by Macy Gray 



@Ver brings up the beat with Efendi's oriental inspired Mata Hari! 

Here is what made her include this song: "I love the whole Eurovision experience and you will find me each year sitting in front of the screen watching it. This song is one of my favorites from this year. It got stuck in my head so I had to share it with you."


Up next is @Elena who can't get enough of the Eurovision vibes as well! 

She says: "Eurovision was near the end of the month but that definitely doesn't mean that I wasn't able to listen to these 2 Måneskin songs more than any other song in the past 30 days. I've had them queued up for hours on end - slightly embarrassing, yet true. And in the words of Damiano David (the band's vocal) - ''Rock'n'roll never dies''."





After those awesome headbangers I think it's time to catch our breath with a few dreamy chillout tracks, which @Xenia  has gladly selected for us!


In a Matter of Speaking by Nouvelle Vague ft. Camille 


Somebody Else by The 1975: 


Last but not least we've got James Blake's Retrograde: 


Those last few tracks remind me of a sun setting down on a breezy summer afternoon. And what do we do when the sun sets? - We go clubbing of course 🙂


@Katerina  has provided the perfect warm up:

Space Melody by VIZE, ALAN WALKER, Edward Artemyev, Leony: 


After that we've got Yesterday by Beverly Pills: 


As I personally really enjoy loud parties and the feeling of the bass vibrating my lungs I present to you Techno toujours pareil by Salut C'est Cool: 


Hope this little mix brings some smiles! 


Keep rocking folks 🎸





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still not over that post eurovision depression I see 


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