In Our Headphones: November 2019

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In the end of November the mods are reflecting on their music choices from the past month 🙂 


Petya reveals her number 1 preference - “The song of Jonas Brothers - Only Human has been my loyal companion. Perfect for a party, suitable for brightening up my mood on a rainy day or just accompanying the chill vibe at the workplace.”



Number two in her list is reserved for Clean Bandit & Ellie Goulding - Mama. “There’s something about this song that’s so empowering. If I need a cool message to start my day with, well, this is spot-on!”




“And a track I cannot do without - One Thing Right by Marshmello. A realistic-sounding song that tells a story in simple words and upbeat rhythm.” 




After ending these picks on an optimistic note, let’s see what the other mods have been up to…

We all know how predictable @Peter can be in his choices for In Our Headphones. Well, he hasn’t let us down. Here’s what he has to say about his favourite new pop tunes:

“I admittedly have days when my choice of music reflects the cold outside.” He generally likes to keep it upbeat though. Above all he’s been listening to Coldplay’s new double album, Everyday Life.

“It’s a blend of a lot of different moods surrounding the current state of affairs of the world. Its critical reception has been similarly diverse: one headline reads “Coldplay Would Like to Save the World With Vagueness” (ouch).”

Peter would beg to differ, but while haters gonna hate, he has embraced it for its fearless honesty and ultimately hopeful outlook on the future, which can be heard on the title track which closes out the album:



And let’s not forget about @Katerina 's top choice! She has a precious music gem to share with us - “It's from my favorite French artist Indila. She recently released this new track ahead of her new album and I'm very excited.”




Thanks to these songs we’re all taking some nice memories from November and excitingly stepping into a new month of discovering cool music!



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Nice! 🙂


In my headphones have been playing no stop Since yesterday the debut single of James Hartley - Amsterdam. it’s amazing! He will get big!!!