In Our Headphones: November 2021

In Our Headphones: November 2021




Hey all,


It’s that time of the year again when listening to your tunes through a nice big pair of headphones has the added bonus of keeping your ears warm 🎧


Let’s look back on what our headphones were filled with this November:


This month @Kiril was exploring new styles and chose tracks from genres that were completely new to him 🔍


Here we have an instrumental track from the dub genre, which is considered a predecessor of modern electronic music, as the remixing and dubbing techniques originated from there. For Kiril it’s also “the electronic representative in reggae, as it lacks vocals and remixes instrumentals in a completely different way, as seen by the sound engineer.”


Continuing with a song that @Mario’s been listening to a lot lately: IVOXYGEN's very distinguishable, ethereally soothing vocals and words actually put me in a chilled, mindful place inside myself; I'm also still trying to figure out if the guitar in the instrumental is a famous sample or simply a very catchy melody courtesy of the producer; anyways, highly recommend this song for these cold winter evenings and nights if you'd like to find some warmth in your heart ❤️



@Jeremy picked a song originally by ‘French Montana’ and ‘Swae Lee’ of which Zhavia Word gave a stunning performance on a talent show: “She came and she concurred with her uniqueness and talent. I definitely prefer this version even though I love the original one.”



Next up, we have @Alex who heard this song in a shop just a few days ago, shazamed it and can't stop listening to it ever since - “The song is just LOL hilarious.”



In his own words, @Mihail’s selection of songs for this month is from all over the place: “It starts with some fast-paced old school hip-hop to get the rhythm going but then switches to a country song I got recommended in my Discover Weekly a while back. I really like the witty lyrics and the way a whole story gets told. I never listened too much to Townes Van Zandt but when I have time I could do some digging to see if I can find other songs I may like. Last, but not least I'd recommend Let Me Ride for that awesome jazzy/rocky vibe to kick back and relax.”





Meanwhile, @Katerina’s been enjoying her recommendations from Spotify: “Sometimes the app knows my moods better than myself - I got some really dance-y pop-y tracks suggested and I'm loving them.”





@Ver stumbled upon her entry for this month as she “was checking the artist's page while being in one of those moods when you just want to listen to The Weekend.” 



For @Emil the more melancholic version of ICH, AM STRAND “proves that the old-school punk-rockers from Die Ärzte have not lost their touch even after 35 years of making music and they have a lot more to deliver. The made-up autobiographical song is very simple in its concept, but somehow manages to be thought provoking, emotional, funny and tear-jerking at the same time. Looking forward to 30 more years.”



And from me, another German song that takes me back to various moments in life that seemed insignificant at the time but ultimately led me to where I am now and just as the title of this song, I’m wondering ‘what if’ 🤔



Thanks for reading 💚 If you want to hear the full playlist - here it is 

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@Ver yesss for 

Such an amazing track!

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Eclectic as ever 🤘💚


Much appreciated @Peter 💚 


Waiting for that.....IReally Appreciated Thanks for this!

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Hey there @Qui-Rob-Boo - sounds like your post would be more suited for the Discovery & Promo Chat board so hope you don't mind us moving it there!


@Flanstario1 - thanks for sharing the tracks that were in your headphones! Big fan of the last couple you shared! I think I was obsessed with the Chain a few months back - it might have even shown up in one of the IOH blogs 😁 🎶 


I managed to stumble upon this post and I'm glad I did! This year I haven't really found much music that I've liked and I'm even tired of listening to the songs I love on repeat. Days are dark like that! I completely fell in love with Drum Song Dub that @Kiril shared and also it was great with a reminder from @Flanstario1 to press play on The Chain 🎵 Many thanks for sharing! 


If you don't mind me sharing, I'd love to post some of my personal gems; 

A Time for Us - Joe Pass

Abusey Junction - Kokoroko

A Change Is Gonna Come - Brian Owens, Thomas Owens


Young Lust - Pink Floyd


Side 2, Pt 4: Anisina - Pink Floyd

Sprawl II - Arcade Fire
.. for the electric and dreamy ones 😃


Hope you'll enjoy!






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