In Our Headphones: October 2017

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Starting this week with a track from the playlist itself...


doesn't it?! 


Welcome back to In Our Headphones, where we'll give you a peek into our October listening. Ready to fill your ears with the wonderful mysteries of the Spotify team's music collections, we've got a lot of greatness in store for you.


Firstly. Friends don't lie


So we'll be honest, and tell you that this most certainly made an appearance in the office! 




As we waited in anticipation for series 2, we turned the volume low, and let the eery sounds sneak around the office. Spotify employees working away as familiar sounds of fear and hearbeats glittered through the speakers? Stranger things have happened 😉



With October also playing host to Halloween, it might not come as a surprise to you that we also lent our ears to this track:



Quick game for you! Did the Spotify employees here...

1). Create a 'Sp0oKy SoundzZ' playlist, and listen to it for two days straight.
2). Eat cupcakes that included some gooey raspberry sauce. (Tasty, but not pretty).
3). All decide to come to work in fancy dress, and bail on the idea the day before.
4). All of the above.

4). All of the above  




Moving away from everything spooktacular now, how about we serve you up something different from last month.




We love this Frank Turner tune 🎶. With driving drums, and sweet lyrics, it gets the feet tapping on a Friday afternoon.



As you may know by now, In Our Headphones often includes a real mix of songs, but that's why we love it so much. We're always introducing eachother to new artists, sharing around links to bands, and chatting about new songs that popped up in our Discover Weekly playlists. 

To round things off, this next one was one of those conversation starters.




There's something unique and grabbing about this track, and we had loads of fun discussing what makes it so great.


That's all we have this time. But stay tuned for next month's!


You can also check out the full playlist here:


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Such an eclectic mix! Good listening though ^_^


nice stuff