In Our Headphones: October 2018


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Hey folks!


As we welcome November, we've created our monthly playlist full of songs that have been sounding in the ears of the music-loving Spotify Community Staff.

Although songs can speak for themselves, our personal relationship to them brings them to life. Therefore this month, we've even revealed the reasons behind our choices! 

Let's get started...


@Jack's month has seemingly been favouring improvised music. Eli Keszler, Peter Brötzmann and Heather Leigh all released new material recently. Very different performance styles, but all fall under the banner of 'improvisation'. Here's a sneak into Jack's headphones:




His deep-rooted Radiohead fanboy mentality also led him headfirst into the new Thom Yorke soundtrack for Suspiria. "Delicious and captivating, as always", says Jack. Here's the first single from the soundtrack:




Next up, one of @Daisy's choices for the month is 'Empty Space' by James Arthur. It refers to the empty space in his heart, and the damaging solutions he uses to help him deal with the pain.


Daisy adds:
"I like the lyrics, and while the video is pretty sad, I think it's beautifully made. I found this song because I'm always pretty up to date with James' releases."



@Peter recently rediscovered Snow Patrol, who many of us know came out with their first album in seven years earlier this year! And,"it's really something".


Gary Lightbody, the band's frontman, expresses his personal struggles through song with this album. He stated that at one point he was afraid he would never be able to go back to writing music again. However, he came out the other end with a beautiful, life-affirming album to show for it. 


One of the songs on it, 'What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get?', is a slow and moving piano ballad on how relationships can often fall apart, leaving you lost and wondering whether you are still worthy of love and affection. This remix is a more upbeat version of the original, but it still pulls a punch with powerful lyrics and euphoric backing vocals.



And finally, on a lighter note, while it's been a while since summer, Mad Caddies released an album of Punk covers that @Tom can't stop playing. He says,
"The album's filled with absolute tunes that I grew up with and it's pretty hard to choose just one, but their cover of Green Day's 'She' is particularly good."




So there you have it: another month of diverse and inspired choices. You can check out the entire playlist below if you want to keep listening!


We'll be back in a month's time, so get ready to find out what new (and old) music has been warming our souls as the days get shorter and colder in these parts of the globe.

Happy listening!

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