In Our Headphones: October 2019




Hey folks,


Is that the rustle of fallen autumn leaves, or is it the sound of a seasonal selection of tunes from your friendly Community Mods filling your headphones?


Whichever it is, it seems that this transitional phase of the year is manifesting itself in our song choices for this month.


I’m not usually one to reminisce about the summer once it’s over, but Alessia Cara’s second EP, aptly entitled This Summer, makes me want to. 


Even if individual songs from the record were slow-dripped throughout the season in question, it’s oddly refreshing that this record was only released in its entirety in October. Coincidentally, October is the name of the last song on the EP - a fitting conclusion to a sweet snapshot of a season and of loves gone by:




October also marks the start of the academic year in many places around the world, and as such it offers an opportunity to look ahead and set some personal goals. @Daisy's been busy doing just that. 


The single Phoenix from the people from League of Legends has kept her going to the gym every day for two weeks now. She says, “It's a very motivating song and 10/10 would recommend to anyone who lacks motivation”. So that’s how she does it! 


Keep it up, Daisy! And while we struggle to get out of bed in the dark hours of the morning, we’ll know what to listen to:




Meanwhile, Emil was busy digging for gems in his Discover Weekly playlist, and he found one in a song called Amy Rose. What he likes about it in particular, you wonder? “The album cover stays true to the artist's name AND is a cat, so that gives it bonus points.”


Well, Given that October 28 was National Cat Day in the US, we’ll let you off just this once and indulge you and others who are curious to see this masterpiece:




Another of Emil's choices is what he describes as “an AMAZING cover [his caps, not mine] of one of Rammstein's most emotional tracks by a band that's a staple of German Rock music.”


He adds, “The frontman's dialect adds a humorous note to it that hopefully won't distract from its overall quality. 2:48 is the goosebumps moment.” You heard him; now let’s hear Ohne Dich - Ohne Strom for ourselves:




And that about does it for the month that was October in our headphones! Feel free to share your autumn-themed tunes in the comments section below 🍃🍂🌰


Oh, and a Happy Halloween to you all, if that's a thing in your part of the world 🎃👻



Casual Listener

It's nearly summer on this side of the planet (Australia), so the mix is between nostalgic fast-paced skate punk and new Aussie Hip hop.


Skate Punk and friends (1990-2016) 


Best Aussie Hip Hop 


Casual Listener


My college semester started in September actually, but we had to do a project concerning spotify. Our question was how social is spotify really and what do we miss as social media features. We also created a playlist where we put all the songs we saw other people listening and sharing. Check it out if you are interested, it has all sorts of languages and genres.